ECOVACS Shine at IFA-Consumer Electronics Unlimited
     On-site Report
Roboter-Boom auf der IFAKleine Helferlein für den Haushalt Maschinen, Menschen, Sensationen auf der IFA
31August5 September, 2012, IFA which is one of the most influenced and attracted international consumer electronic expo was hold as usual in Berlin, German. Almost all the famous household appliance companies took part into this show and thousands of journalists from over 80 countries have reported it. ECOVACS, as an important participator of the show exhibited its newest products, Famibot & Winbot which caught most of visitors' attention.
ECOVACS Famibot incorporates many functions: it can be used for visual & vocal communication with families through cell phone, turning on/off home appliances, monitoring a house in the absence of its owner, detecting/reporting smoke from fire early, providing music, whether report or other latest news according the to families’ needs, which will a very good companion to the young or the old in your family.
ECOVACS Chairman Mr. Qian Dongqi Is Being Interviewed by Media People
ECOVACS also exhibited the "Winbot", a robot that automatically cleans a window glass. It clings to a window with a vacuum pump. It can vertically move up and clean a window based on an automatically calculated route. The company demonstrated the robot cleaning a window, drawing attention from many visitors.
Journalist Is Reporting Winbot
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