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New Generation of Floor Cleaning Robot at IFA 20172017-09-20
ECOVACS ROBOTICS DEEBOTs with OZMO Mopping Technology offer a premium floor cleaning experience.


With home robotics become a trend nowadays, more and more German households willing to have one at home. ECOVACS ROBOTICS, one of the world’s leading robotics innovators in this segment presence with its advanced technology at IFA Berlin this year and is going to reveal the ever new OZMO technology which brings mopping to a new level with DEEBOT OZMO series. Other highlight collections include DEEBOT M81Pro with a 5-stage cleaning system, DEEBOT N78D for pet owners and the handy DEEBOT SLIM2 as well as the intelligent window cleaning robots from the WINBOT series will also be shown at the spot. All product lines and experts from ECOVACS ROBOTICS are waiting for you in Hall 5.1, booth 106 at IFA.

"Smart Living" will be the big theme at IFA 2017, which is also the hot topic in the world of home robots. ECOVACS ROBOTICS embraces the idea of “Live Smart. Enjoy Life.” aiming to provide people a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle by smart robots. With robots that with advanced technology to save people’s time that they used to spend on with traditional ways, ECOVACS ROBOTICS enables people to do more of what they love with their family and friends. Especially for DEEBOT OZMO 610 & DEEBOT OZMO 930 - DEEBOT OZMO series is the new segment that embraces the idea of smart home living. While people are still manually mopping the floors, these intelligent DEEBOTs are the vanguard in home cleaning as they combine vacuum and mopping in one device with smart mopping and cleaning path technology - OZMO.

With OZMO Mopping Technology, it actually does better mopping than people do, “DEEBOT OZMO series are able to find an efficient cleaning path in an owner’s home to help deliver a more accurate and superior cleaning experience than ever before.” says Andreas Wahlich, General Manager of ECOVACS ROBOTICS, “We are launching this new technology of autonomous home cleaning at the IFA 2017. "


OZMO technology for an upgraded mopping done in just one cycle

The advanced OZMO mopping technology provide a perfect mopping experience in the OZMO 610 and OZMO 930. With electronically controlled water pump and mop detection sensors, each DEEBOT gives a thorough, convenient and safe clean. Since the OZMO Mopping Technology quickly dampens the mopping cloth to the correct point to ensure perfect cleaning efficiency, there is no need for a water refill during the mopping process. This is a vast improvement on the often random distribution of water found in other products.

Further differentiating it from ordinary water tank functions, OZMO Mopping Technology also controls the speed of the water flowing to the mop to ensure consistent and smooth mopping. The mopping cloth is able to fit in with the contours of any floor so that every inch is cleaned to perfection. Furthermore, DEEBOTs OZMO 610 and OZMO 930 have safety sensors to automatically switch to mopping mode when installed with the mopping kit, and stop dampening the cloth when the plate is removed, so as to bring about more convenience and safety to the owner. What’s more for OZMO 930 is that it features carpet identification function which allows for a deeper clean once the robot detects a carpet on the floors, so one device cleans various floor types!

New DEEBOT models tailored to individual requirements

ECOVACS understands that every family is unique. The requirements for the cleaning device to be used are correspondingly different. "Whether with a new feature, App control, 5-stage cleaning system, pet hair compatibility or compact design - ECOVACS ROBOTICS offers home robots with individualized performance characteristics that meet the needs of different families," explains Wahlich.

DEEBOT M81Pro: Sweep, lift, suction, wet mopping and dry mopping - the DEEBOT M81Pro does everything in one step with its 5-stage cleaning system. The repertoire also includes the app control system, which makes it possible to be controlled via smartphone simply from the way out.

DEEBOT N78D: It helps especially in family with pets. With tangle free suction inlet, pet hair is removed immediately from the floor and collected in an extra-large dust bin. Thus, it allows N78D to be a master of sweeping, lifting and collecting hairs with no fuss. The ECOVACS ROBOTICS novelty is then wiped with a damped dampening mechanism.

DEEBOT SLIM2: The DEEBOT SLIM2 is the successor of the best-selling robot in Germany. DEEBOT SLIM2 can vacuum and dry mop even under particularly low pieces of furniture with just 5.7 centimeters in height. The model is equipped with the connected technology so it can be controlled through ECOVACS App. In addition to the new color combination of noble gray and white, the compact cleaning robot from the IFA will also be available in an elegant matt black.

WINBOT 850 and 950 achieve the best window cleaning results

ECOVACS ROBOTICS window cleaning robots open a new era of window cleaning because people are no longer worried about climbing high for dangerous window cleaning. WINBOT 850 and WINBOT  950, equipped with a safety suction pod and tether to prevent a fall as well as to can clean interior and exterior glass or hard to reach windows independently. "The low-noise and high efficiency fan vacuum system ensures WINBOT can perform its cleaning magic on different types of glass, which includes from frosted windows to colored and tinted windows, and even thermopile ones. A 4-step cleaning system makes every glass window sparkling shine. "emphasizes Andreas Wahlich. WINBOT 950 also features a Smart Drive system: a highly developed operating system and several sensors enable the robot to intelligently recognize edges, gaps and obstacles, thus taking the perfect cleaning route.


ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a world leading smart home robotics brand. Long before the smart home concept burst into the mainstream, ECOVACS was at the forefront of innovation and development; designing, manufacturing and selling robotic products to improve the lives of our customers. In less than 20 years ECOVACS has matured from a visionary start-up into a leading industry player that provides smart home solutions in home robotics including: DEEBOT™ (Floor Cleaning), WINBOT® (Window Cleaning) and ATMOBOT™ (Air Purification). As a brand that believes innovation helps advance human civilization, ECOVACS has a guiding vision to provide “A Robot for Every Family”, and encourages consumers to “Live Smart, Enjoy Life” by providing not just a household appliance, but a total user experience whereby consumers can free themselves from mundane chores and devote more time to the things they love. ECOVACS is the proud recipient of multiple awards including the 2016 Red Dot Award for Best Product Design and iF Design Award 2016. According to Euromonitor International it is also the APAC market leader in Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.

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