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I can't charge my DM81. What should I do?
1. DEEBOT can be charged only when the power switch is ON.
2. Check if the socket is functioning (if not, replace the socket).
3. Check if the DEEBOT is properly connected to the Charging Dock (the best way is to allow the DEEBOT to be recharged automatically).
4. Check to see if the Charging Dock electrode plate is receding (if yes, please contact the repair center).
5. Check if the Charging Dock electrode plate is oxidized (if it is oxidized, wipe the electrode).
My DM81 is unable to boot. What should I do?
1. Please confirm whether the DEEBOT has power or not (if not, please charge it).
2. If the DEEBOT has power, please check if the battery is installed correctly (if not, please reload the battery).
3. If these steps don't work, please contact our service center.
What should I do if my DM81 is unable to return to the Charging Dock?
NOTE: if the DEEBOT is searching for the Charging Dock for a longer time, it will eventually find the Charging Dock, and the DEEBOT will be fine.
A. The DEEBOT cannot find the Charging Dock.
1. It is recommended that the DEEBOT should start from the Charging Dock so that it will be easier to find the Charging Dock again afterwards.
2. Check if there are many obstacles surrounding the Charging Dock (we recommend that you put your Charging Dock in a more open area).
3. Check whether there is any signal interference from the area surrounding the Charging Dock (such as TVs and other infrared signal interference sources).
4. Check whether the Charging Dock is placed near a mirror reflector, or if direct sunlight is hitting the Charging Dock.
5. While the DEEBOT is on its way back to the Charging Dock, check whether the floor color is black or close to black. The DEEBOT will go backwards when it meets dark floors.
B. The DEEBOT has found the Charging Dock, but cannot connect to it.
1. Check to see if the Charging Dock is flat and the electrodes can depress and click back into position normally.
2. Check whether the electrodes of the machine and the Charging Dock are clean.
What should I do if my DM81 is going backwards?
1. If the DEEBOT is constantly going backwards, the Anti-Drop Sensor may be dirty; please try cleaning it. It may also be that your floor color is too dark.
3. If the DEEBOT goes backwards in a straight line, it may be that the Bumper is not returning to the correct position. Turn the DEEBOT over and gently press it.
4. If the DEEBOT goes backwards in circle, then check if the Main Brush is stuck.
5. Check whether the Universal Wheel is dirty or not; If dirty, please clean it.
NOTE: The machine will go backwards on the dark color carpets or on the transparent glass.
My DM81's working time is very short. How to improve it?
1. Check whether the DEEBOT is fully charged; it should work when it has the full amount of power.
2. Turn off the DEEBOT and restart it to see if the DEEBOT has any malfunctions.
What should I do if my DM81's Remote Control doesn't work?
1. Check if the Remote Control has power.
2. Check if it is within range (the Remote Control has a max distance of 5 meters).
3. Check if there is any interference near the DEEBOT.
4. Check whether the signal transmitter and receiver are dirty (wipe the transmitter on the remote and the receiver on the machine).
Why does my DM81 not work after scheduling? What should I do?
1. Please check if you cancelled the schedule accidentally. If so, set another schedule.
2. Ensure the DEEBOT is powered ON
My DM81 runs by itself without any human intervention. What should I do if this happens?
1. Please check if you scheduled your machine by accident.
2. This may be because of voltage instability. Please don't use a power extension cord with your DEEBOT because the voltage is unstable in power extension cord.
3. Signal interference: make sure there are no TVs, routers or other electrical equipment with infrared.
4. If the electrode is dirty, please clean it gently using a toothbrush.
What should I do if my DM81's Driving Wheel is abmormal/ sets off an alarm or becomes suspended when the machine is stuck?
1. Please check if the machine is stuck somewhere.
2. Please turn it over, press the Driving Wheel. Please check if you can hear a slight clicking sound (the micro switch on the Driving Wheel).
3. If you can hear a sound, please try setting the DEEBOT to work again.
4. If the Driving Wheel does not bounce back and you can't hear a sound, the machine has a problem. Please contact our repair center.
My DM81 goes around in circles. What should I do when this happens?
1. Please press the Return button to make the DEEBOT move in a straight line.
2. If the DEEBOT can move in a straight line after pressing the button, please clean the dust sensor.
3. If the DEEBOT cannot run in a straight line, turn the machine over to check if the Driving Wheel is dirty. If the Driving Wheel is dirty or tangled, please clean it.
4. If the Driving Wheel is not tangled, please push the wheel to make it roll. If you feel resistance, then the Driving Wheel most likely has a problem.
NOTE: if you install the Water Tank and the mop becomes very wet, the DEEBOT may go around in circles occasionally.
The DM81 makes a strange sound. What should I do about this?
1. Check if the Universal Wheel is tangled (if yes, please clean the Universal Wheel).
2. If the Universal Wheel is not tangled, please check if the Side Brush and Main Brush are tangled (if yes, please clean the Side Brush, Main Brush).
3. Please check if the Main Brush and the Main Brush Cover are installed correctly.
Detection method: remove the Main Brush and Main Brush Cover to see if the DEEBOT makes abnormal sounds.
If yes, please contact our service center.
If not, reinstall the Main Brush and Main Brush Cover
Why does my DM81 move around in circles and backwards after starting up?
1. The Anti-Drop Sensors on the bottom of the DEEBOT may be covered with dust. Wipe the Anti-Drop Sensors with the brush on the left side of the Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to maintain their effectiveness.
2. The Driving Wheels may be tangled with hair or debris. Use the Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to cut off and remove any hair/debris tangled around the Driving Wheels.
If the problem is still there, please contact our Customer Service.
My DM81 is cleaning with a louder noise and/or lower suction than normal. What should I do?
The Suction Intake may be blocked or the Main Brush/ Side Brushes may be tangled with dirt and debris. For optimal performance, the full bin sensors and Filter should be regularly cleaned.
1. Power OFF. Remove the Dust Bin, empty it and reinstall.
2. Turn the DEEBOT upside down. Remove the Main Brush Cover. Remove the Main Brush. Use the Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to cut off and remove any hair tangled around the Main Brush. Reinstall the Main Brush.
3. Remove the Side Brushes. Wipe the Side Brushes and their slots with a dry cloth and reinstall.
My DM81 did not clean automatically at the scheduled time. What should I do?
1. Ensure the DEEBOT is powered ON.
2. Ensure the DEEBOT is charged.
3. The scheduled cleaning time may not have been programmed correctly or might have been cancelled. Set the cleaning time again, making sure it is saved.
If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
Why aren't DM81's Side Brushes rotating during cleaning?
1. The Side Brushes might have been tangled with hair or debris. First, switch off the DEEBOT. Then remove the Side Brushes. Wipe the Side Brushes and their slots with a dry cloth and reinstall.
2. The Side Brushes may not be installed properly. Switch off the DEEBOT. Remove and reinstall the Side Brushes.
If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
What types of floor can DEEBOT clean?
DEEBOT is capable of cleaning nearly all floors, including bare floors and short-pile carpets. DEEBOT is not suitable for use on long-pile or shag carpets.
When should I use the Main Brush Option and the Direct Suction Option?
The Main Brush Option is the best choice for deep cleaning with a combination of the agitator brush and strong suction. The Direct Suction Option, activated when the agitator brush is removed, is specifically designed to pick up pet and human hair without tangling.
Can DEEBOT really clean under my furniture?
DEEBOT’s low-profile design gives it the ability to clean under furniture without complications. You can find the dimensions in the instruction manual.
What does DEEBOT do if it meets an obstacle, like furniture?
DEEBOT has an active obstacle detection system to help it avoid contact with your furniture, walls and household items. Anti-Collision Sensors are built into the robot. When the sensors detect an obstacle, a signal will be sent to DEEBOT’s “brain” to slow down, change direction and select a new cleaning path. If the object is very low to the ground, 1.5” or smaller in height, DEEBOT may gently touch the obstacle with its mechanical cushion bumper before turning around.
DEEBOT is not cleaning along edges and in corners thoroughly. What should I do?
Please choose Edge Cleaning Mode to clean along edges and in corners effectively.
Why does DEEBOT spill dust when I move the robot manually?
If dust is spilling when you move DEEBOT by hand, the Dust Bin is probably too full. The Dust Bin should be emptied regularly for best cleaning performance. When moving DEEBOT manually, please lift the robot with both hands and keep the end marked “DEEBOT” tilted slightly up to avoid spillage.
Can DEEBOT be used to vacuum up water?
No. Do not allow DEEBOT to ingest liquid as it will damage the unit.
What should be done if DEEBOT accidentally vacuums up liquid?
Turn OFF the robot immediately. Remove the Dust Bin, Filters, Main Brush and suction component and allow them to dry completely before reinstalling them.
If the robot does not function normally after taking these steps, please contact Customer Service.
The Main Brush is tangled with hair and debris. How do I clean it?
Power OFF the robot and turn it over. Remove the Main Brush Cover and the Main Brush. Use the Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to cut off and remove any hair tangled around the Main Brush. The Main Brush can be rinsed under water, however it should be dried completely before being reinstalled into the DEEBOT. The Direct Suction Option is recommended for cleaning up human and pet hair without tangling.
Why does dirt from DEEBOT 's Dust Bin leak out?
There is too much dirt in the Dust Bin. Please empty the Dust Bin regularly for best performance.
Will DEEBOT disturb my pet?
Normally, no. DEEBOT works quietly and the noise should not upset your pets. We recommend that you supervise DEEBOT during its first cleaning and assist should there be a problem.
Can DEEBOT clean when nobody is home?
Yes, you can schedule DEEBOT to automatically clean once or twice per day, even if no one is at home.
Where should I place the Charging Dock so DEEBOT can easily find it?
The Charging Dock should be plugged in and placed against a wall. Place the Charging Dock on a level floor surface with the base perpendicular to the ground. Keep the immediate area 1.5m /5’ in front of the charger and 0.5m /2’ at both sides of the Charging Dock clear of objects and reflective surfaces that may interfere with the infrared receiver.
Is it dangerous to touch DEEBOT’s Charging Contacts or the Charging Pins on the Charging Dock?
No. The maximum DC voltage output of the Charging Dock is within the safe range for the human body.
Can I keep DEEBOT on the Charging Dock for an extended period of time?
Yes. After DEEBOT’s batteries are fully charged, the battery management system will reduce electricity to a trickle charge and DEEBOT will not be overcharged. We recommend keeping DEEBOT powered ON and on the Charging Dock so it is ready to clean at any time
Do you have any Remote Control tips?
When your DEEBOT is on a scheduled cleaning, or you have used your remote to start an edge cleaning, or a spot cleaning, you need to first click PAUSE on the remote to regain control of your DEEBOT. Once you click pause, then all the buttons on the remote will work again. Your remote might not look exactly like the one below, but you get the idea...
How can I make sure my Deebot is ON?
The master on/off switch needs to be ON to charge. To remember its schedule, to use the remote, and to clean.  The switch can be a tad confusing.  The "|" is ON... the "O" is OFF.  Just leave it ON, and your DEEBOT will be happy.
What should I be careful of when charging the battery?
Be sure to remove the Water Tank before charging the battery. Make sure the Charging Dock is power sufficient.
The floors are wet when it mops, could this be dangerous?
Our products are built with technology to spread water evenly when mopping. They never leave sizable puddles of water, and should not present a danger.
Could cleaning upstairs floors be dangerous?
Our products include Anti-Drop Sensors, so there should be no danger.
We recommend observing the robot the first time it cleans upstairs to make sure the Anti-Drop Sensor can detect the drop, as well as placing a guard rail at the top of the stairs to ensure safe use of the product.
Will it take up a lot of space in my home?
Our floor cleaning robots are very small, taking up almost no space, and can usually fit in the corner of a living room. And our designs seamlessly integrate into any home environment.
There isn't anywhere in my home with empty space 1 meter in diameter next to an electrical outlet, it doesn't seem like it will fit easily.
In this case, all you need to solve the problem is a power strip.
I have pets at home. Which model do you recommend and why?
We recommend selecting a model with the direct suction inlet option, like the DEEBOT N78D, as the direct suction port will not get clogged with hair. Of course, even better would be to choose a model with our unique ECOVACS combined main brush and direct suction inlet, like the DEEBOT M88, R95, Ozmo610, Ozmo930 and many more. It combines two functions in one device, cleaning up pet hair and dust in tight spaces with ease.
I have both pets and carpets in my home. Which model is best?
We recommend selecting a model with our unique ECOVACS combined main brush and direct suction inlet, like the DEEBOT M88, R95, Ozmo610, Ozmo930 and many more. It combines two functions in one device, cleaning up pet hair and dust in tight spaces with ease.
My home has two stories. Is there a chance it could fall while cleaning the second floor?
No. All of our products come with anti-drop sensors, so they will not fall from the second floor.
The step up to my bathroom is just 1 cm. Will the robot be able to get up there normally?
Under normal circumstances, our models should be able to climb 1 cm without any problems.
Thank you for your attention!