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Easy Delight for You and Your Home

M82 can effectively clean more areas of your home, for longer time. Featuring a long-lasting lithium battery and a large dustbin, M82 is able to clean more areas in a single cycle. With multi-cleaning modes equipped, M82 can deal with your life's various messes and provide a thorough clean.

- Long lasting lithium battery
- Large dustbin capacity for longer time cleaning
- Selective cleaning modes for various messes
- Total control at your fingertips

Easy Delight for You and Your Home


Long lasting lithium battery

The lithium battery is environmentally friendly and provides up to 150 minutes of cleaning time, giving you more free time to enjoy your day.

Large dustbin capacity for longer time cleaning

Less human intervention is required thanks to the larger dustbin used in the M82. Coupled with automatic charging, M82 can provide you a longer time cleaning.


Selective cleaning modes for various messes

Use the right tool for the job with a suite of specific cleaning mode options. Auto mode for general cleaning, Single Room mode to remove dirt in one room, Edge mode for cleaning specific edges, Spot cleaning for when intensive spot cleaning is required, and even Max mode for the most stubborn dirt.


Remote control

The remote control puts a number of functions at your fingertips. Options include scheduling future or regular cleaning, choosing cleaning modes, or ordering the DEEBOT back to the charging dock, to name but a few.


Schedule your cleaning

With a time-scheduling function, you no longer need to worry about dirty floors. Simply set a regular time and leave the rest up to ECOVACS. You will never return to a dirty home again.


Automatic charging

No human intervention is required! When battery power gets low, DEEBOT automatically returns to its charging dock, all by itself.


Obstacle Detection Technology

DEEBOT uses its map in conjunction with its anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers to avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.

Stair Safety Technology

DEEBOT moves safely around your home using anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs without the risk of falling.


High Efficiency Filter

Breathe easily. Cleaning with DEEBOT reduces airborne contributors associated with allergies and asthma.


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