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A Robot for Every Family in A world

To empower and inspire you to live a more convenient, connected lifestyle, we design intelligent robotic solutionsthat seamlessly integrate into your everyday life, so you have more time to do what you love.


Long before the smart home concept became popular, ECOVACS ROBOTICS (ECOVACS) already has the prevision about managingpeople’s lives better with home services robots. In less than 20 years, ECOVACS has grown from a start-up withonly five employees into a global, multi-billion-dollar, multi-purpose robotics company, with over 5,000 staffacross the globe.
As a brand that believes innovation helps advance human civilization, ECOVACS has a guiding vision to provide “ARobot for Every Family”, and encourages consumers to “Live Smart, Enjoy Life” by providing not just a householdappliance, but a total user experience whereby consumers can free themselves from mundane chores and devote moretime to the things they love.

Research and Development Strength

Since 2006, the company has invested to develop more than 20 new robotic products each year. Adopting a highly agilemarket-oriented strategy, the company ensures that product development plans and fine-tuning result in productswell adapted to global markets and demographics.
Dedication to cutting-edge innovation and quality assurance plays a large part in ECOVACS’ philosophy in R&D.The company’s sophisticated lab facilities within the R&D center are strategically co-located alongside themanufacturing plant to speed time between lab and marketplace. Today, the R&D team is fast expanding with over100 engineers and specialists.
Taking pride in our technological creativity, ECOVACS is committed to expanding our intellectual property portfolio,to guarantee quality to customers around the world. The company today holds 345 trademarks and over 1,000 patentsin China and overseas.

The Market

Designed to change the way people live and work, these trend-setting ECOVACS robots are now available in more than30 countries around the world. Ecovacs Robotics has expanded from its home market in China and established strongsales subsidiaries in Japan, Germany and the U.S. In addition, the company has also expanded sales into a numberof other major markets and regions including: Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Iran, Malaysia, Poland, Spain,Switzerland, and many more.
Ecovacs Robotics’ market share for Robotic Vacuum Cleaning has grown by over 100% in the Asia-Pacific region withinfive years to become the undisputed market leader since 2010. In 2017, ECOVACS becomes the APAC market leader inRobotic Vacuum Cleaners according to Euromonitor International.
In the highly-competitive European market, the robotics company quickly rose to become No. 2 in terms of market share.

The Product


Floor-cleaning robot
DEEBOT frees users from the time-consuming housework of vacuuming the home, offering people peace of mind and quality time to enjoy life.


Window-cleaning robot
WINBOT Cleans windows efficiently and allows users to enjoy a clearer view of the world and eliminates the need to spend time on one of housework’s more onerous tasks.


Air-purifier robot goes mobile
ATMOBOT provides high air quality at home anytime, anywhere.


Shopping assistance robot
BENEBOT provides interactive in-store sales assistance.




  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS brand is established.


  • The floor-cleaning robot, the DEEBOT 5 series, is launched.


  • The world first mobile air purification and humidification robot is launched.


  • The world first window cleaning robot, the WINBOT 5 series, is invented.


  • ECOVACS Europe GmbH and ECOVACS ROBOTICS Inc. are established in Germany and the U.S., respectively.


  • The floor-cleaning robot with laser mapping and smartphone control, the DEEBOT 9 series, is launched.


  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS becomes the first to launch a floor-cleaner robot that combines the functions of a vacuum robot and wet-mop robot.

  • DEEBOT received the Housewares Executive Gold Innovation Award.


  • In the Asia-Pacific region, ECOVACS ROBOTICS achieves a milestone in being ranked the No. 1 brand in the floor-cleaning robot category.

  • RAYBOT named as 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

  • WINBOT 930 won one Red Dot Award.


  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS products achieve the status of one of the top three robot brands worldwide.

  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS successfully developed the world first home management robot, UNIBOT.

  • The retail assistant robot, BENEBOT, is launched.

  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS won 4 Red Dot Design Awards for the ATMOBOT 630, DEEBOT DT85, DEEBOT SLIM 3 and WINBOT 950.

  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS won three iF Design Awards for the DEEBOT 7 Series, WINBOT 950 and ATMOBOT 630.

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