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My DEEBOT is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. What can I do?
1. Please check the Wi-Fi setup. The robot only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi, but does not support 5G Wi-Fi and enterprise networks.
2. Put the robot near the router where the wireless signal is strong.
3. Check if the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi can link internet normally.
4. Check if the Wi-Fi password is correct.
5. Do not switch to the background in the App when the network is under connecting.
6. Disconnect other additional client devices from the Wi-Fi router, especially for P2P downloads and online videos when connecting the robot.
7. Try to restart the router and the smartphone to connect the network again.
8. If user's router set a 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi at the same time, set the two frequencies for different SSID.
9. If it still does not work, please contact our service team.
I didn't receive a verification E-Mail for the App registration. What can I do?
1. Check if the mailbox connection is normal
2. Check if the email is moved to the Spam automatically
3. Please attempt to do the registration via another email account from other mail supplier.
4. If a user registers more than once, the user will receive mails for each register application, but only the latest registration mail works, the verification link in other mails become expired automatically.
5. Please click the latest verification link in 24 hours. The link will be expired after 24 hours.
6. One email address can only apply to one account in one country/region.
7. One account can be used in different ECOVACS robots.
8. If a user want to change the country/region, a new account should be registered.
9. If it still does not work, please contact our service team.
Thank you for your attention!