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We recommend to change the main brush once, side brushes twice and filters three times a year. With the new Buddy Packs ECOVACS offers a practical and cost-effective solution to keep your DEEBOT in ship-shape for one year. The distance of time between changing the components depends on the frequency of usage.

The DEEBOT Buddy Service Kits come with everything you'll need to keep your DEEBOT operating at peak performance. The Service Kit includes for DEEBOT’s without Main Brush: 4x Side Brushes, 3x High Efficiency Filters and for DEEBOT’s with Main Brush: 1x Main Brush, 4x Side Brushes, 3x High Efficiency Filters.

Also, there is a charging dock, cleaning pads and a cleaning solution available for your DEEBOT.

DEEEBOT Buddy Service Kits:
DM80-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT M81/M81Pro
DM82-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT M82
DM88-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT M88
DK560-KTA: Service Kit for DEEBOT MINI
DN78-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT N78D
DR95-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT R95
DR98-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT R96/R98
DA60-KTA:  Service Kit for DEEBOT SLIM/SLIM2
DD4G-KTA: Service Kit for DEEBOT OZMO 610
DG3G-KTA: Service Kit for DEEBOT OZMO 930
DE5G-KTA: Service Kit for DEEBOT 900

Other DEEBOT Accessories:
D-CD1A:      EU Charging Dock for DEEBOT SLIM, SLIM2, MINI,
                    M81, M81PRO, N78D, R95
D-S741:       Reservoir cleaning solution for DEEBOT M85, M85S,
                    R95, R96, R98, M88, N78, N78D, M81, M81Pro
D-S803:       Dry mop for DEEBOT DK560/Mini
D-S663:       Dry mop for DEEBOT SLIM, SLIM2, MARVEL
D-CC3B:      Mopping cloth for DEEBOT OZMO 610
D-CC3C:      Mopping cloth for DEEBOT OZMO 930
D-S733:       Dry/Wet mop for DEEBOT M85S, R95, R96, R98, M88,
                    M81, N78D


We recommend to change the cleaning pads twice a year. You always find two pieces in a package. Also, there is a cleaning solution and an extension cord available to provide a striation free window cleaning even in higher placed areas.

WINBOT Series Accessories:
W-S041: 100 ml cleaning solution for WINBOT 710, 730, 830, 850,
               930, 950
W-S022: Cleaning Pads for WINBOT 830
W-S072: Cleaning Pads for WINBOT 850
W-S082: Cleaning Pads for WINBOT 950
W-S061: Extension cord for WINBOT 710, 730, 830, 850,
               930, 950

ECOVACS can only guarantee the quality and performance of authentic parts. Accessories manufactured by other parties may have a negative impact on product performance or cause damage to your robot. The usage of third party accessories can void your warranty.

You can’t find your product here? Please get in contact with our service partner:

E-Mail: service-fi@ecovacs-europe.com

Phone: 08800412831

Thank you for your attention!