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CRM Leader Date Posted: 2018-09-05 11:46:48

Job Category: APAC

People to Hire: 1

Location: Suzhou, China

Job Description

- [Ecommerce Senior CRM]

1. Job Description

Job Title

Ecommerce Senior CRM



Direct Report

Ecommerce Supervisor

Direct Subordinate(s)


2. Job Purpose (Please describe the job’s unique contribution to the organization in one sentence.)

The successful candidate will be able to build an effective CRM system, enhance customer experience and boost repeated purchase.

3. Core Responsibilities (A description of most important outputs of the job, which includes expected results and actions to achieve results. Please list core responsibilities in the order of importance.)

Area of Responsibilities

Specific Description

Percentage of workload (%)


Assist the creation of CRM system to establish and tighten connections with end user.


Profound knowledge of market and customer behavior. Initiate CRM   campaigns to enhance customer experience and boost repeated purchase.


Data Analysis

External and internal data mining and integration.


Conduct proper data analysis and drive the upgrade of procedures and guidelines.

4. Major   Job Contact (Please describe contacts that may occur internally (e.g. other departments within the company) or externally  (e.g. external institutes or clients )

Category of Contacts

Contacts (Please specify)


                      Marketing, Product Managers, IT


                   Sales platforms, other tools platform

Thank you for your attention!