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APP Frequently Asked Questions Summary

The Wi-Fi setup process for a DEEBOT

Download the corresponding ECOVACS App from App Store or Google Play onto your smart phone. Make sure that the Apple IOS version is 9.0 or later. For Android users, make sure to use version 4.0 or later. Please download the appropriate App based off the DEEBOT model you have purchased. Use the following information.....

Unable to connect to DEEBOT
See if your router has a compatibility issue with your DEEBOT. Please refer to the Router Compatibility List.A factory reset of DEEBOT need to be performed. Switch ON the DEEBOT and long press the RESET button until you hear a beep or a piece of music. This can take 5-7 seconds.Erase the App from your smart phone, then re-open.....

App displays offline
ECOVACS APP/ECOVACS HOME APP displays the DEEBOT is offline,this means the App function is temporarily unreachable. Please ensure that the following steps are taken to connect your DEEBOT online. Pull down the product list to refresh.Completely close the App on your smart phone and open it to retry. For Apple smart.....

Virtual Boundary common issues
DEEBOT does not recognize the virtual wall and always moves across it. Please make sure the machine is NOT in the 'Return to the Charging Dock' mode as it will ignore the virtual boundary, which is normal. For all the models in the ECOVACS App, the virtual wall will NOT go into effect immediately after setup.....

DEEBOT mapping common issues
What should I see when my DEEBOT is generating a map? The DEEBOT can save a map when it completes a cleaning cycle and returns to the charging dock automatically. The DEEBOT won't save the map if you control it to the charger or if you move it manually to another area while still completing its first full cleaning.....

Thank you for your attention!