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ECOVACS ROBOTICS’ WINBOT X Named CES Innovation Award Honoree2018-01-30
ECOVACS showcased first-of-its kind cordless window-cleaning robot and other industry-first technologies at CES Las Vegas January 9-12


ECOVACS ROBOTICS, an innovator in robotic home cleaning technology, today announced it is a CES Innovation Award Honoree winner for its Cordless WINBOT – WINBOT X. The first-of-its kind original WINBOT revolutionized the window cleaning experience in 2011. In its latest iteration, the now cordless WINBOT X moves freely along windows as it cleans, rather than being limited by the robot’s proximity to a power source. Additionally, the newest generation of WINBOT boasts four new safety features, allowing the WINBOT to adapt to your window, and move intelligently and safely.


“The WINBOT X represents the next evolution in window cleaning technology. By removing the power cord, the robot is able to move freely across the surface it is cleaning, regardless of whether or not the window has a frame,” said David Qian, President of the International Business Unit at ECOVACS ROBOTICS. “We look forward to showcasing this award-winning technology at CES, as well as new first-to-market technologies in our latest robotic vacuums, the DEEBOT OZMO 930 and DEEBOT OZMO 610.”

ECOVACS’ robotic vacuums are intelligently developed with three mantras:
          •Deliver the latest technology to market 
          •Deliver the best value to our owners
          •Protect user data

Both the DEEBOT OZMO 610 and 930 come equipped with ECOVACS’ latest OZMOTM mopping technology in addition to vacuuming. The DEEBOT OZMO 930 is designed with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatibility for hands-free cleaning, adding more products to ECOVACS’ line of the largest smart-home compatible devices on the market.


“Our goal with the OZMOTM series of robotic vacuums is to address some of the most common frustrations consumers have with their floor cleaning robots, like the inability to clean both hard surfaces and carpets, and not mopping effectively” said David Qian. “These intelligent robots deliver the latest technology to market and the best value to our owners, all while safeguarding user data.”

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