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Think More Than You

We are the robotic specialists who created the advanced DEEBOT OZMO 960, the ECOVACS first robot with applied AI technology, to redefine the world of home cleaning. Using inventive, superior technology this robot cleans around you, letting you live your life stress free and doing more of what you love.
- AIVI Technology
- Smart Navi™ 3.0
- OZMO™ mopping technology


Think More Than You


AIVI Technology

Finally, a robot that can think and learn. Do not worry about your robot getting trapped by household objects like shoes, socks or cables.With leading edge technology, it learns by recognizing what is in its way and selecting the most efficient cleaning path.


Intelligently identifies the surroundings and avoids obstacles

Overcome obstacles for the most efficient clean thanks to AIVI™ Technology that allows the robot to capture and identify objects and select the most efficient cleaning path around them.


Learns and gets smarter

Deep learning has enabled the smart robot to recognize more common objects in your home.

Smart Navi™ 3.0 Laser Mapping and Navigation Technology

Your robot knows how to clean your home better than you do. With cutting edge Smart Navi™ 3.0 Laser Mapping and Navigation Technology, your robot intelligently navigates and builds a map of your home, allowing it to assess your interior and determine the most efficient cleaning routes.


Efficient Cleaning Path

As your robot gets to know your home, it will learn the most efficient cleaning path for your unique cleaning needs without missing, leaving you with a flawless clean, every time.


Virtual Boundary™

Sometimes there are areas of your house you don’t want disturbed. Keep your privacy and satisfy your cleaning needs by setting virtual boundaries in your home for your robot to clean.


Custom Mode

Clean your home in the way you wish. With Custom Mode, you can draw and designate on the map of your home so your robot will know which areas need the most attention.


Area Mode

Prioritize the areas of your home that you want to be cleaned. With Area Mode, your robot has the capability to intelligently divide your home into several areas, allowing you to control where you would like cleaned.


OZMO™ Mopping Technology for superior cleaning

Enjoy a thoroughly clean home with OZMO™ Mopping Technology. With an innovative electronic water pump and reservoir, your robot will mop and vacuum at the same time, leaving your floor impeccably clean.


Vacuums and Mops In One Go

Vacuum and mop at the same time to save time. With 4-stage water adjustments and a 280ml water reservoir, the robot efficiently mops and vacuums all in one go.


Intelligently Switches to Mopping

The robot guarantees a safe and deep clean with sensors that automatically switch between mopping modes or halt the dampening of the cloth when the robot stops cleaning.

Carpet Detection

Flexible and intuitive, your robot will instantly detect and react to carpet then choose to boost the power while vacuuming or avoid the carpet during the mopping, finding the best cleaning operation for it.


Continuous Clean

Forget cleaning range anxiety. When running low on charge, your robot automatically returns to its docking station. Once fully charged, it continues the clean where it left off, seamlessly giving your home a superior clean.


App Control

Clean your home from anywhere, anytime. App connectivity lets you take control and schedule a clean or monitor your current cleaning status all from the palm of your hand.


Interchangeable Intake

Intelligent design for an effortless clean. Choose between either the Tangle-Free Intake Brush to rid your home of hair or the V-Shaped Main Brush for a deep clean.


Selective Cleaning Modes

Give your home the right clean for every occasion with flexible cleaning modes – Auto mode for general cleaning, Area cleaning mode for prioritizing different areas and Custom mode for targeted cleaning.

Amazon Echo

Total wireless control. Your robot does the hard work for you, just tell it when and how to start cleaning.


Google Home

Total wireless control. Your robot does the hard work for you, just tell it when and how to start cleaning.

Automatic Charging

Never worry about charging your robot. When battery power is low, your intelligent robot will automatically return to its Dock Station to charge, all by itself.



Never come home to a messy house again. Simply schedule a clean and let your robot take care of the rest.


Stair Safety Technology

Don’t worry about your robot falling down stairs. It will sense a drop off and will safely reverse its direction, continuing to efficiently clean your home.


Anti-Collision System

With its Anti-Collision Sensors and soft cushion bumpers, your robot will avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.


High Efficiency Filter

Breathe easy while your robot cleans. With its High Efficiency Filter, your robot will reduce airborne triggers while vacuuming.



Stress free updates. The intuitive robot manages its own updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology.


Voice Reporting

Keep in the loop. Your robot will report what it is doing and give you real time updates.


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