ECOVACS Europe GmbH Manufacturer's Guarantee

1. General

Ecovacs Europe GmbH, Holzstr. 2, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany guarantees end users under the following conditions for a period of (1) year from date of first purchase, that there are no production-related material or processing defects in the equipment (except for accumulators) if used in accordance with the intended use in residential households. To batteries applies a guarantee period of six (6) months. This guarantee given by ECOVACS Europe GmbH does not affect and in no way restricts the statutory warranty rights of the consumer.

This guarantee is only valid in the European country in which the equipment was purchased. Provided the country is listed in the country list on ( Please follow the instruction on ( to validate your claim under guarantee


2. What does the guarantee cover?

Should, as an exception, a defect arise during the guarantee period, ECOVACS Europe GmbH shall undertake the following, at its own discretion, if the customer submits a claim in the context of the manufacturer's guarantee:

- repair the equipment,

- replace the equipment or replace it with another product that is new or manufactured from new or still usable, already used parts and, at minimum, corresponds to the original product in terms of functionality, or

- replace the equipment or replace it with another product that is new and an upgraded model that, in comparison to the original product, has at least similar or upgraded functions.

If the guarantee claim is valid and ECOVACS Europe GmbH undertakes the repair or the exchange, the guarantee period shall not begin to run anew from the time the buyer receives the repaired or replaced goods. The guarantee period shall therefore always end after two years, calculated from the date of first purchase, irrespective of any valid guarantee claims. All the replaced old equipment and parts shall become the property of ECOVACS Europe GmbH. Further claims from the guarantee agreement are excluded. This exclusion does not apply in the event of injury to life, limb or health, wilful intent and gross negligence, product liability and in the event of a violation of material obligations that puts at risk the attainment of the purpose of the guarantee. Likewise, the statutory warranty rights shall remain unaffected by this exclusion.

Zur Inanspruchnahme der Garantie müssen Sie

(1) auftretende Mängel unverzüglich, sobald diese sich zeigen, der ECOVACS-Servicehotline melden und

(2) die Originalrechnung oder den Kassenbeleg des Fachhändlers (mit Angabe des Kaufdatums, der Modellbezeichnung und dem Namen des Fachhändlers) vorlegen.


3. Garantieausschluss

3. What does the guarantee not cover?

The guarantee provisions shall not apply if the defect of the equipment is based on one or more of the following circumstances:

- normal wear and tear (in particular wear and tear of accumulators);

- inappropriate, harsh or improper handling, treatment, use or care of the equipment;

- damage due to falls as a consequence of not using the safety system (suction pads and safety rope);

- changing, removing or other means of making the type description or serial number on the equipment unidentifiable or illegible;

- damages arising from accidents or external influences (lightning, fire, water) or other force majeure events;

- the accumulator short-circuiting if the sealant on the accumulator housing or cells are damaged by the buyer;

- the accumulator is used in equipment other than provided for;

- non-observance of the safety instructions and/or product instructions;

- intended or wilful damage to the equipment or accumulator;

- use of product spare parts or other exchangeable parts (including consumables) not offered or recommended by ECOVACS Europe GmbH;

- any repairs, modifications, changes or conversion of the equipment carried out by persons who are not authorised to do so by ECOVACS Europe GmbH;

- improper transportation carried out independently (e.g. with inappropriate packaging);

- use of the equipment for commercial purposes or in the context of a trade.

Please note that a defect within the meaning of these guarantee conditions shall not include the situation where a change or modification has to be made to the equipment that was not provided for in the original equipment specifications in order to make possible the use of the equipment (e.g. modification to other receiving or connection standards). 

Des Weiteren sind Zubehör und sonstige Verbrauchsmaterialien wie Filter oder Bürsten von dieser Garantie ausgeschlossen. 

This guarantee does not apply to accessories and other consumable items such as filters or brushes.

Bei weiteren Fragen rund um unsere Produkte sowie für detaillierte Garantieinformationen wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Service-Hotline oder schauen Sie auf unserer Webseite vorbei.


4. Hinweis

Please do not send defective devices to the postal address in Düsseldorf. In the event of a defect, please only contact our service hotline.