DEEBOT OZMO T8 mopping

Updated on 2020/08/04
There are two types of reservoirs available for OZMO T8: Normal reservoir and OZMO Pro reservoir
(1) Normal reservoir: Suitable for daily mopping and can effectively remove light stains and surface dust.
For more even mopping results, before using the normal reservoir for mopping, we recommend removing the washable cleaning pad from the cleaning pad plate, wetting and wringing it out, and then placing it back on the plate. Avoid installing the cleaning pad and the cleaning pad plate on the reservoir and beginning mopping immediately after washing under the faucet.
(2) OZMO Pro reservoir: Suitable for occasional deep cleaning of the floor, and can effectively remove stubborn stains.
OZMO Pro reservoir is not equipped with the washable cleaning cloth. One disposable cleaning cloth is pre-installed on the cleaning pad plate of OZMO Pro reservoir. An additional 25 disposable cleaning cloths are also included. We do not recommend wetting the disposable cleaning cloth before use. We recommend attaching the disposable cleaning cloth to the plate of OZMO Pro reservoir and then installing the reservoir in the robot. Two Pro Mopping modes are available to the user: Quick Scrubbing Mode and Deep Scrubbing Mode;
(3) When installing the normal reservoir and OZMO Pro reservoir, ensure that the reservoir is fitted securely in the body. This is indicated by a distinct locking sound.
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