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HOME > Support > 05-DEEBOT mapping common issues

What should I see when my DEEBOT is generating a map?

The DEEBOT can save a map when it completes a cleaning cycle and returns to the charging dock automatically. The DEEBOT won't save the map if you control it to the charger or if you move it manually to another area while still completing its first full cleaning cycle.


Why is the map in the DEEBOT app lost and how can I restore a lost map on the DEEBOT App?

  When you move DEEBOT or turn it off/on, the unit needs to relocate its position on the map; if the positioning fails, the map on the main interface will be lost and a new, temporary map will be created.


  The DEEBOT generates a map based on its first cleaning task. If you move the DEEBOT during the map generation process while it's cleaning, the robot will try to reposition itself. If the positioning fails, it will restart the cleaning cycle. In this case, the original map will be lost and it cannot be restored. Please allow the DEEBOT to complete its cleaning cycle and automatically return to the charging dock so that the map will be saved on the App.


  If you move the DEEBOT while in its cleaning cycle and once the map has already been saved, the vacuum will attempt to reposition itself. If the positioning fails, it will restart the cleaning cycle. You can carry the DEEBOT back to the charging dock if you want to restore the map immediately.


  For the DEEBOT 900 Series and the DEEBOT OZMO 930 Series, please update the firmware. There is a vast improvement in solving lost map issues. If the version of the DEEBOT 900 Series firmware is not lower than 1.4.5 and the DEEBOT OZMO 930 series firmware is not lower than 1.9.9, please turn the machine OFF and then turn it back ON again, this will help with the App recovery.


  If this problem persists, please contact ECOVACS Customer Care.


Thank you for your attention!