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Effective cleaning just the way you need it

Press one button, and the DEEBOT 900 gets busy: all the fur, crumbs, dirt and dust will soon be gone, leaving you to get on with more important things. Do you want to customize the cleaning and adapt it to your home? No problem. The DEEBOT 900 is a robot vacuum that cleans systematically with a unique mapping function, automatically going wherever you need it. With the ECOVACS app you can easily control whether certain areas need to be prioritized, or only certain rooms should be cleaned.

- Smart Navi Technology
- Control via ECOVACS app
- Max mode for deep clean on carpets
- OTA-updates: Firmware updates and new features will be easily installed to the robot via WiFi.

Customisable, effective cleaning just the way you need it

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Recognizes his environment

The DEEBOT 900 recognizes his environment. Once it gets started, the DEEBOT will scan and map your home which allows it to orient itself and plan an efficient cleaning path. Therefore, DEEBOT 900 provides you customized options while finishing the cleaning tasks efficiently.


Smart Navi Technology

The laser-based navigation creates an accurate virtual map of the DEEBOT‘s surroundings. This cutting-edge technology gets to know every corner of your home and enables the DEEBOT to find the optimized route for perfect cleaning.


Efficiently plans the cleaning path with less missing

After scanning your home and generating the map, DEEBOT 900 automatically plans an efficient cleaning path to adapt to your home environment.

Customizable for your needs

DEEBOT 900 is extremely functional, with a host of customizable features that can be turned on and adjusted to suit your home, for a more comprehensive cleaning.


Virtual boundary to easily block some areas

The precise Smart Navi Technology allows you to draw virtual boundaries or pinpoint specific areas, so the DEEBOT knows not to touch your kids’ toys or your dog’s blanket.

Area cleaning mode to prioritize certain areas

Clean designated areas with Area cleaning mode, meaning you can clean priority or high-traffic areas of your home frequently, or as required.


Custom mode for targeted cleaning

With the Custom mode, you can clean selected areas by drawing a rectangle on the virtual map using the ECOVACS App. Thus allows the DEEBOT 900 to clean even high-traffic areas systematically.

Capable of cleaning various messes

Regardless of the type of mess on your floor, DEEBOT 900 is equipped to deal with it. With interchangeable suction inlet and selective cleaning modes, DEEBOT 900 can always rid your floors of hairs, dirt, and debris the right way, every time.


Automatic charging and resumption

After charging, it can return to where it last cleaned; smart enough that routine interruptions don’t actually interrupt its work and it can continue cleaning.


A number of suction options to match your needs

You can choose between a main brush or an easily interchangeable direct suction inlet. The tangle-free suction inlet effortlessly collects hairs with no risk of tangling. Using the main brush, you can achieve greater lift and deeper cleaning, especially on carpets.


Control DEEBOT, anytime, anywhere

The Internet of things extends to your robotic cleaner. You can now control the DEEBOT 900 anytime, anywhere as the ECOVACS app can be used to monitor a clean, set a cleaning schedule or control which area needs to cleaned.


Total Control with the ECOVACS app

Are you looking for customised cleaning? No problem – just use the ECOVACS app on your Smartphone. You can schedule cleaning times and specify which rooms should be part of the routine cleaning procedure. Set cleaning modes, monitor the status of each clean, and enjoy all the conveniences of automated housework while at home or on the go. It’s easy to set up and control exactly as you need.


Easy to use

With an intelligent and friendly cleaning system, DEEBOT 900 can be your automatic cleaning robot. DEEBOT is designed for your ease-of-use.


A quieter clean with no disturbance

Don't be disturbed by vacuuming anymore; the DEEBOT goes about its work at a noise level lower than normal conversation.

OTA-Update – get the latest technology updates

As we discover new ways to make the DEEBOT even better, you’ll be the first to benefit. The OTA technology (“Over-the-Air”) includes easy-to-install wireless updates: important firmware upgrades, as well as new features, will be loaded directly onto the robot – and they’ll take effect immediately. Your D900 will always be ready to show off the latest innovations that build on 20 years’ experience.


Schedule your cleans in advance

With a time scheduling function, you no longer need to worry about dirty floors. Simply set a regular time and forget, and never return to a dirty home again.

ECOVACS standards

Automatic charging and resumption, Stair Safety Technology, Obstacle Detection Technology, High Efficiency Filter, Vocal messages in real time


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