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Robotics Field
Robotics Field

‘We hope the Robot Imagination Show becomes a virtual Silicon Valley - a place that breeds valuable robotic dreams.’ -Qian Dongqi, Chairman of ECOVACS ROBOTICS

The Robot Imagination Show is an online robot competition, open to the public, sponsored by ECOVACS ROBOTICS. Students, scientists, anyone interested in robotics could participate, showcase their ideas and tell their robot-related stories through the Robot Imagination Show.

Robot Museum
The Robot Museum is a public project sponsored by ECOVACS ROBOTICS, which aims to showcase the experience, information and research of robots together in four pavilions: the Robot History Culture Pavilion, the Robot Smart Experience Pavilion, the Robot Future Explore Pavilion and the Robot DIY Pavilion.
Contribution to Society
ECOVACS Student Education Fund
The ECOVACS Student Education Fund was created by ECOVACS ROBOTICS in 2008 and it encourages employees to support underprivileged students by offering donations.
Educational Field Trips
ECOVACS aims to inspire future scientists by inviting pupils from primary and middle schools to visit our company and learn more about robotics. Tours include exploring the Robot Museum and the Robot Future Explore Pavilion.
Internship Opportunities
ECOVACS ROBOTICS allows students to have a first-hand experience in the world of robotics by offering internships to undergraduate university students. 
Environmental Concerns
By applying circular economy principles and in an effort to sustain the earth’s resources, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has installed a photovoltaic power station on the roof of the company’s facilities. These solar panels can supply up to one third of the factory’s total electricity consumption and contribute significantly to the optimization of the energy structure.
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