AIVI sometimes fails to recognize obstacles or sometimes it is unable to avoid obstacles?

Updated on 2023/02/17
1. Make sure that “AIVI 3.0” function is enabled in the App.
2. AIVI can recognize such items as shoes, socks, mopping pad, wires, and charging dock. In order not to disturb the home environment and to reduce entanglement, AIVI will avoid obstacles after recognition. While avoiding obstacles, AIVI will also be as close to the obstacle as possible to better clean the surrounding of the obstacles. However, there may be a slight contact, which is normal.
3. AIVI works well when there is sufficient light, but the recognition will be affected under weak light.
4. The background of some home environment is too complex, or shapes of some objects are unusual, which may also cause AIVI to take a long time to respond, causing contact. For such special situation, it is recommended to set up virtual walls or mopping restricted area in the App to isolate certain areas.
5. Please upgrade your DEEBOT via the ECOVACS HOME App in time for better product experience.
6. Try wiping the camera lens with a soft cloth to keep it clean and unobstructed.
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