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Data Analysis Leader Date Posted: 2018-09-06 16:29:44

Job Category: APAC

People to Hire: 1

Location: Suzhou, China

Job Description

- [Data Analysis Supervisor]

1. Job Description

Job Title

Data Analysis Supervisor



Direct Report

Ecommerce Manager   

Direct Subordinate(s)

Ecommerce Assistant  

2. Job Purpose (Please describe the job’s unique contribution to the organization in one sentence.)

Collect and sort all the data about Amazon business, provide guidance to operation, traffic, conversion and customer care functions, to make sure we are on the right track.

3. Core Responsibilities (A description of most important outputs of the job, which includes expected results and actions to achieve results. Please list core responsibilities in the order of importance.)

Area of Responsibilities

Specific Description

Percentage of workload (%)


Data Analysis

According to the data provided by Amazon backend and third-party platform, make overall analysis report by day, week, month, year and other required dimensions, including the on-Amazon operations, off-Amazon traffic and after-sales related data.


Monitor competitors and overall market data, analyze their   activities and anomalies from multiple dimensions.


Combine internal and external data analysis, make conclusions and guide operational, traffic, conversion and after-sales service module related improvements.


 Maintain Operating System

Standardize and quantify the existing operation modules of the sub-business, form an operational system that can be followed.


According to business development, continuously improve the operating system, make all business operations are traceable.

4. Major Job Contact (Please describe contacts that may occur internally (e.g. other departments within the company) or externally(e.g. external institutes or clients )

Category of Contacts

Contacts (Please specify)


Sales Support, Product Managers, Logistics, Finance and Marketing


Category Managers from platforms

Thank you for your attention!