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The next generation of window cleaning robots

Buildingon our industry-leading WINBOT 950, the WINBOT X takes the experience further by eliminating the need for a power source.
- The freedom of cordless window cleaning
- 4-stage cleaning process
- Advanced fan technology facilitates cleaning various kinds of windows

The next generation of window cleaning robots


Set your WINBOT free!

Without the need or clutter of a power cord, your WINBOT X can now cover more area and get to the top of the tallest windows. It also has increased intelligence over the previous generation of WINBOT.

The smaretest path, every time

From the moment you attach your WINBOT X to your window, the WINBOT instantly calculates the best cleaning option and than automatically chooses the smartest path, whether it's N-shaped or Z-shaped.


Quiet, cordless window cleaning

Available later this year, more information on its way


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