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The next generation of window cleaning robots

A new world of window cleaning is coming your way from the home robotics experts at ECOVACS ROBOTICS: WINBOT X is a free-moving, adaptable, intelligent appliance that attaches to your glass and travels the surface until every inch is spotless.
- The freedom of cordless window cleaning
- 4-stage cleaning process
- Advanced fan technology facilitates cleaning various kinds of windows

The View Is Better Than Ever

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Cordless movement - set your WINBOT free!

WINBOT brings a smart new edge to your home life. The lack of power supply on the robot's body means less obstruction in your space, a larger cleaning area before being redeployed, and the ability to look after very high windows. WINBOT adapts to your window, moves intelligently and safely and applies powerful systems of cleaning until the work is done.

Automatically chooses the smaretest path, every time

WINBOT can identify your window’s size and shape, then creates an intelligent, systematic cleaning path for greater cleaning efficiency.

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Multi-stage process and Deep Clean Mode for thorough results

WINBOT cleans your glass with a 4-stage process that focuses precisely on the space beneath the robot. While navigating the window, it can move in an Automatic cleaning pattern, or you can opt for a Deep Clean Mode, causing it to go back over the same areas to ensure a polished end result.

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