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Energize the power of nature

OZMO™ Mopping Technology

When nature meets outstanding engineering and innovative technologies, its power becomes energized. OZMO™ Mopping Technology uses specialized water pumps, sensors, and mopping pad to transform cleaning, while simultaneously vacuuming. You can not only enjoy a thorough cleaning, but more importantly save time to do more of what you love.

Precision is key

Precision engineering makes perfection. The water flow is controlled through the app, depending on the strength of the mopping desired. In parallel, carpet detection enables DEEBOT to avoid carpets when mopping, and automatically boost suction power when vacuuming.

Emphasis on efficiency

To empower by the OZMO Mopping Technology, new enlarged water tanks allow DEEBOT to clean large surfaces. Study has proven that the OZMO's water tank combined with the pad will clean up to 99.26% of bacteria found on floors (study done by the Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center in Japan).