App prompts that the robot is disconnected from the station. Or the station cannot control the robot.

Updated on 2023/09/14
DEEBOT is disconnected from the base station or the base station cannot control the DEEBOT:

1. Disconnect the base station from the power supply and remove the DEEBOT cover, power off DEEBOT (switch to "O" ) and wait for 5~10 seconds.
2. Reconnect the power supply to the base station and make sure the light on the base station panel is on.
3. Power on the DEEBOT again (switch to "I"), and make sure you hear the power on tone.
4. Hold the Auto Start button on the body of DEEBOT to let it automatically return to the base station (or manually push the tail end of DEEBOT to the base station cleaning sink) to ensure that the DEEBOT is correctly docked and the charging contacts are properly aligned. Wait for about 10~15S, tap the Start/Pause button on the station to try.
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