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The Secret to Effortlessly Cleaner Windows

With a dual suction rings system and a host of advanced cleaning technologies, WINBOT 930 can be a wonderful addition to your collection of cleaning tools, and will ensure every inch of your glass is cleaned efficiently.

- Advanced technologies for an effective window cleaning
- Capable of cleaning various kinds of windows
- Cleaning thoroughly, cleaning safely
- User-friendly

The Secret to Effortlessly Cleaner Windows


Advanced technologies for an effective window cleaning

With the advanced dual suction rings and the 4-stage cleaning system, WINBOT 930 can clean automatically, effectively and thoroughly, freeing your hands from tedious chores.


Dual Suction Rings lets robot easily clean windows

The W930 window cleaning robot is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump and dual suction rings to seal the robot to the glass. If the outer ring senses any loss of suction, a signal is sent to WINBOT 930's "brain" to reverse direction and select a new cleaning path.


4-stage cleaning system for effortlessly cleaning windows

Using a thorough 4-stage cleaning system, WINBOT 930 squeegees and wipes to efficiently clean the window. This helps to fully contain the cleaning solution and leave the windows streak-free and sparkling.

Capable of cleaning various kinds of windows

WINBOT 930 has innovative features and advanced technology to quickly deliver sparkling clean windows at the touch of a button. The amazing reach of its cord and 4-stage cleaning process means that it quietly cleans many types of windows.


Amazing reach to keep you off the ladder

With an impressive extension cord and safety cable, WINBOT 930 can clean windows of many shapes and sizes. Your safety is paramount, so sit back and let WINBOT do the windows.


Loves various types of glass

The W930 window cleaning robot can perform its cleaning magic on different types of glass. From frosted windows to colored and tinted windows, and even Thermopane, WINBOT 930 can make every glass window sparkling shine!

Cleaning thoroughly, cleaning safely

With a suite of safety features all operating in unison, you need not worry about a thing. Every concern has been addressed, so that WINBOT 930 comes equipped with back-up battery power, a safety pod and tether, edge detection technology and a powerful fan.


Continuous power for constant attachment

If WINBOT's main power supply is interrupted, the robot features an on-board back-up battery that takes over until the problem can be resolved.


A reinforced safety

WINBOT 930 is equipped with a safety suction pod and tether, which are more than capable of preventing a fall. Cleaning high rise windows is safer than ever!


Knows its limits, keeps cleaning safe

Edge detection technology is standard in WINBOT, so no matter whether the glass it is cleaning is framed or frameless, it automatically knows how to avoid going over any edges. This is especially useful for mirrors and glass balustrade.



With an intelligent operating system, simple 3-step operation and a handy remote for convenient control, WINBOT is designed for your ease-of-use.


As easy as 1, 2, 3

WINBOT can be assembled and started in 3 easy steps. Spray the front cleaning pad with the WINBOT professional Cleaning Solition provided, simply plug it in and switch the power on, place it on the glass surface to be cleaned and press the "AUTO" button; away it goes.

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Handy remote control

The remote control allows you to conveniently start, pause and manage the direction of your WINBOT from a distance!


Finishes where it starts for easy retrieval

WINBOT remembers where it left off after a pause, and resumes cleaning from that same spot so that it can efficiently clean your windows.


Never miss a message with audio and visual warnings

When WINBOT 930 needs to communicate, it uses both visual and audio warnings to get your attention and tell you what the matter is. This means you can look away and do other things while your windows are being made to sparkle.


Quiet Cleaning

WINBOT cleans at a low noise level so you can continue what you were doing largely uninterrupted.


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