Superior sweeping and mopping robot with powerful performance and AI technology

With enhanced AIVI® 3.0 technology, first-of-its-kind YIKO voice assistant, top-of-the-range TrueMapping navigation and the OZMO Pro 3.0 Vibrating Mopping System, DEEBOT T10 delivers your cleaning needs whatever the environment.

DEEBOT T10 offers a truly smarter, more personalized sweeping, vacuuming and mopping experience driven by our industry-leading AI technology.

  • 4-Stage Cleaning System
  • AIVI® 3.0 - Upgraded Obstacle Recognition
  • Control and Interaction Enabled by YIKO
Upgrade your cleaning

Upgrade your cleaning

Upgraded artificial intelligence & visual interpretation technology

Upgraded artificial intelligence & visual interpretation technology

Driven by our cutting-edge artifical intelligence, the new DEEBOT T10 delivers by recognizing its surroundings quickly and accurately for an efficient cleaning experience.
No matter if furniture, ground materials or other objects stand in the way - the DEEBOT T10 can recognize 18 different types of objects to ensure a smooth and seamless cleaning process.
Improved Speed and Accuracy of Objects Recognition

Improved Speed and Accuracy of Objects Recognition

The specialized AI processor is 16 times more powerful and contains enhanced AI computing power with quicker, more accurate and more types of object recognition to enable easy obstacle avoidance and less tangle or jam. AIVI® 3.0 features intelligent recognition that can automatically identify 18 different types of objects*, such as furniture, ground materials and other.

* The data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The DEEBOT T10 is equipped with AIVI® 3.0 technology and HD camera with a starlight sensor, which can recognize humans and different types of objects, including: socks, mops, shoes, cables, U-shaped chairs, charging dock, trash bins, floor mats, beds, sofas, coffee tables, stools, doors, TV cabinets, dining tables and chairs, pets and flooring materials. The list of identifiable objects will continue to be updated. The actual performance of the product is subject to the environment and shape of the objects.
Outstanding Astrophotography-grade Camera

Outstanding Astrophotography-grade Camera

The on-board 960P HD camera equipped with a starlight sensor has a 148.3°* FOV (Field of View) recognition range, enabling it to identify and capture clear images of static and moving objects, even in the dark.

Your privacy is important to us, so the DEEBOT T10 will notify you when the camera is on by a voice message and an indicator light beneath the camera lens. The product has also obtained a TÜV Rheinland privacy and security certification for the robot and the app as well.
Real-time Video and Communication Feature

Real-time Video and Communication Feature

DEEBOT T10's real-time video and communication feature enables users to keep in touch with family members at home.

The area control function allows you to monitor your house during your absence at any time. You can therefore go on holiday with peace of mind.
YIKO AI Voice Assistant

YIKO AI Voice Assistant

Whether it's a cleaning command or cleaning mode setting, it's a matter of words.

Our industry-leading YIKO AI voice assistant makes life simple with its powerful voice database and voice recognition technology. With natural language input, it accurately understands your cleaning commands, responds and takes action.
It also supports sound localization by having three built-in mics and human shape recognition. By calling OK YIKO, your DEEBOT will clean the floor according to the preset area around the sound source.
Top-of-the-range <nobr>TrueMapping 2.0</nobr> Mapping and Navigation

Top-of-the-range TrueMapping 2.0 Mapping and Navigation

DEEBOT T10's leading TrueMapping navigation is smarter and more stable than ever before thanks to its optimized algorithm that enables accurate navigation and positioning throughout your home. It is 4 times more accurate at detecting small objects than commonly used LDS sensors.
By using a modulated light signal with a longer wavelength, it is not interfered by external light sources. So it can navigate smoothly in light or total darkness to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortlessly anytime, without interruptions.
The housing of the d-ToF module is fully enclosed and keeps out foreign bodies and dust, making it suitable for various complex environments.
4-Stage Cleaning System

4-Stage Cleaning System

A perfect combination of brushes, suction, mopping & convenience.
<nobr>3000 Pa</nobr> for More Powerful Suction

3000 Pa for More Powerful Suction

Thanks to our 3000 Pa powerful suction which significantly improves cleaning performance, DEEBOT T10 is your effective, consistent and reliable cleaning partner that can isolate allergens while vacuuming.
Enhanced <nobr>OZMO Pro 3.0</nobr> Oscillating Mopping System

Enhanced OZMO Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System

With now 600 times-per-minute high frequency vibration and 3 customized levels to choose from, DEEBOT T10 tends to every detail, enhancing its efficiency and leaving your home clean and comfortable.

A new sleeve facilitates the easy installation of the mopping pads.
Compatible with Empty Station*

Compatible with Empty Station*

The suction power of Empty Station can efficiently clean up dust, hairs and other small particles in DEEBOT's dustbin, giving you peace of mind that it is clean. The 3.2 L disposable dust bag can be used without emptying the dustbin for up to 60 days*.

*Sold separately.
*Data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. This is based on the frequency of the user emptying their dust bin. It may vary depending on the actual frequency and cleaning areas.


Our user-friendly ECOVACS HOME App uses precision to create a three-dimensional house structure. Through the App, you can easily customize your cleaning mode and set specific areas to be cleaned. You can even monitor and control your whole cleaning experience, editing the map and the furniture to ensure a more accurate clean.
Fully Upgraded Map Experience

Fully Upgraded Map Experience

With the TrueMapping 2.0, the ECOVACS HOME App can automatically save 2D and 3D house maps. You can switch from a 2D to a 3D map for a more detailed view of your home.
By learning and understanding of the home environment, it restores a more detailed home environment and presents identified home structure, furniture and ground materials. You can even achieve efficient local cleaning around/under the furniture in 3D map.
Automatic Charge

Automatic Charge

DEEBOT will always return to its Charging dock to automatically recharge when it reaches low battery level (15%).
Once 90% charged, it will resume its cleaning duties for the remaining area.
Air Freshener

Air Freshener

We know how important it is to have a home that smells good. DEEBOT T10 has you covered thanks to its Air Freshener, which disperses a refreshing aroma throughout your home while it cleans.*

* The Air Freshener capsules can be purchased separately
Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Built-in with 5200 mAh lithium battery, DEEBOT T10 ensures a long-lasting runtime.
Whether it is a two-storey house or a large flat, the whole house can be cleaned with just 1 charge.
High Efficiency Air Filter

High Efficiency Air Filter

The washable filter cartridge supports triple micro-dust filtration, effectively isolating allergens by blocking 99% of inhaled micro-dust and allergens as small as 0.3–0.5μm*.

*The data comes from ECOVACS laboratory.


Tipo de navegación
dToF (TrueMapping 2.0)
Detección de obstáculos
AIVI® 3.0
Modo de limpieza
Auto, Area, Custom
Componentes de vacío
Main Brush
Detección de alfombras
Ajuste de potencia de vacío
Capacidad de la papelera de polvo (ml)
Detección de cubos de polvo
Cepillo principal flotante
Tipo de embalse
OZMO Pro 3.0
Ajuste del nivel del agua
Capacidad del embalse (ml)
Mapa generado por la aplicación
Informe de voz
Programación de tiempo
Limpieza continua
Función de mapa avanzada
Tamaño del Robot (φxH,mm)
353 * 353 * 103.3
Valor de ruido (dBA)
≤66 (vacuum) ≤68 (vacuum & wipe)
Especificaciones de la batería (Tipo, mAh)
Lithium, 5200
Tiempo de trabajo (min)
260 (in silent mode)
Tiempo de carga (H)
Muelle de carga
Cepillos laterales
1 couple
Paño de limpieza
Ropa de limpieza de eliminación
Placa de tela
Fiter de alta eficiencia
Herramienta de limpieza
Cápsula ambientadora
Sold seperately

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