Robotics Field
The RoboCreator

“Our hope for the RoboCreator is that it will become a virtual Silicon Valley – a place that turns robotic dreams into valuable reality,” Qian Dongqi, ECOVACS ROBOTICS’ Chairman.

Launched in 2014 by ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the RoboCreator is a robot-design competition that is open to university and college students and covers categories including “technology”, “design” and “entrepreneurship”. RoboCreator enables students to showcase their ideas and inspiring stories. The robot competition has established itself as a world-class technology innovation event and has received some 5,000 submissions from students, and it is well known in over 100 universities and colleges.

CreaThink Robot Science & Technology Museum
Established in 2016 by ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the CreaThink Robot Science & Technology Museum provides informative and interactive exhibitions, seminars and workshops that showcase the robotics experience. The CreaThink museum showcases the story of robotics in six pavilions: the Robot History Pavilion, the Robot Smart Life Pavilion, the Robot Technology Application Pavilion, the Robot Interactive Experience Pavilion, the Robot Image Pavilion, and the Robot DIY Pavilion. By engaging with students, science and industry professionals and robot lovers, ECOVACS aims to spread awareness of the growing role of robots as well as technical knowledge of robotics to stimulate interest, innovation and creativity in the field.
Social Contributions
ECOVACS Student Education Fund
Promoting education has long been a core aspect of the company’s mission to encourage the next generation of technologists. The ECOVACS Student Education Fund was founded in 2008 to support talented, underprivileged university and high-school students. The fund also donates books for primary school students.
Educational Field Trips
As part of its focus on science and robotics education, ECOVACS looks to inspire future scientists by inviting primary and middle school students to visit the company to learn about robotics. To date, over 60,000 visitors have participated in ECOVACS tours including exploring the CreaThink Robot Science & Technology Museum.
Environmental Concern
By applying circular economy principles in an effort to sustain the earth’s resources, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has installed a photovoltaic power station on the roof of the company’s facility. Solar panels are now able to supply up to one-sixth of the total electricity consumption of HQ campus and has made a significant contribution to the company’s energy optimization and to reducing its carbon footprint.