Auto-Empty Station (White)

Liberate Your Hands up to 30 Days

The Auto-Empty Station cleans the DEEBOT’s dustbin automatically after cleaning, with the station’s disposable dust bag holding up to 30 days of dirt and debris, to dramatically reduce the need to frequently replace the dust bag, so that users can enjoy cleaning homes for weeks with ease and peace.

Large 2.5L capacity

- Hypo-allergenic bag

- App smart control

- Excellent compatible with the DEEBOT Family

Auto-Emptying Dustbin
Every time the cleaning is complete and the DEEBOT returns to the station, start auto-empty.
2.5L Capacity
Large 2.5L capacity holds weeks of dust, debris, and pet hair up to 30 Days.
Hypo-allergenic Bag
Effectively filter 99% of the particle dust and allergens as small as 2.5µm.
App Smart Control
Empty the dust bin at any time according to your personal needs.
Excellent Compatible with DEEBOT Family

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