Voice Control

The interactive voice assistant YIKO of the DEEBOT X1 Family/T10 Family is the industry benchmark for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps you to create the ultimate hands-free home cleaning experience. It uses the latest AI advancements in natural voice recognition and sound source localization to enable you to navigate and highlight new cleaning tasks using your voice. With YIKO in your vacuum cleaning robot you can fully lean back and let your DEEBOT do the cleaning for you. It gives you complete control and enables precise guidance, simplifying complicated household tasks by understanding and implementing voice instructions.


YIKO supports multiple language including English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more. The ECOVACS exclusive DEEBOT voice assistant offers a seemless and natural language interaction by using several AI voice interaction technologies, including voice semantics from Google to improve the accuracy and response times.


By saying "OK YIKO, quick map building", users can build a complete map for efficient cleaning. It transforms the user experience, turning the DEEBOT X1 Family/T10 Family from highly intelligent cleaning tools to a fully hands-free cleaning experience.



YIKO simplifies complex functions that your DEEBOT X1/T10 vacuum cleaning robot can solve in your household. With a simple voice command, it can help to perform quick mapping, adjust the suction or water volume, and enable access to other settings.


YIKO can perform with created 3D maps, including all the room attributes and household information shown on the virtual home. This allows you to command the DEEBOT X1/T10 to every corner of the house using natural speech. You can ask the vacuum cleaner to clean the area under the sofa in the living room, the bedroom, etc.


YIKO combines voice positioning with Natural Language Understanding (NLU). With one sentence, the ECOVACS vacuum cleaner can accurately locate and move to your location to vacuum or mop the area.

Recommended Commands

Start the Robot

Auto Clean

"Start cleaning now"
"Begin cleaning"
"Clean my house"

Quick Mapping

"Start quick mapping"
"Make a new map"

Area Cleaning

"Mop the kitchen"
"Vacuum the bedroom and living room"
"Clean room 1 and the kitchen"

Funiture Area Cleaning

"Start vacuuming under the sofa"
"Vacuum around the shoe rack"
"Go mop the floor around the living room sofa"

Come clean here

"Come clean here"

Do not clean the area

"Don't vacuum here"
"Do not clean here for now"

Pause and Resume


"Pause vacuuming"


"Continue task"


"Stop vacuuming"
"Stop cleaning"

Motion Navigation

Return to the Station

"Return to charge"
"Return to base station"

Exit the Station

"Exit base station"
"Exit from base station"

Control the Station

Wash the mopping pad

"Clean the mopping pads"
"Start washing the mopping pads"

Dry the mopping pad

"Start air drying"
"Dry mopping pads"

Station Self-Cleaning

"Start self-cleaning"
"Self-cleaning mode"

Auto Empty

"Start auto-emptying"
"Auto empty"

Set up the Robot

Suction Power Setttings

"Turn suction up one level"
"Switch to standard mode"

Water Flow Settings

"Increase water flow"
"Turn flow to level 2"

Volumne Settings

"Turn up the volume"
"Set volume to 50"


Battery Level Check

"How much power is left?"

Suction Power c

"What level is the suction at?"

Water Flow Check

"What level is the water flow at?"

Volume Check

"What is volume currently?"

Location Check

"Where are you?"

Task Check

"What are you doing right now?"

Accessory Check

"Have consumables expired?"

Function Check

"What kind of things can you do?"