ECOVACS ROBOTICS presents UNIBOT to the public

Leading manufacturer of household robots heralds the next stage of the smart home segment with UNIBOT - the first robot that combines floor cleaning with monitoring functions

(September 2, 2016, Germany - Berlin)-Today, ECOVACS ROBOTICS announced UNIBOT - the next level in home robotics - live at IFA, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. UNIBOT, the first robot of its kind, combines floor cleaning with laser scanning and monitoring functions. With UNIBOT, ECOVACS shows people how the future of Smart Home Robotics can look.

According to the President of the International Business Unit of ECOVACS ROBOTICS, David Qian; “The intelligence and versatility of UNIBOT is, as much as anything else, a sign of things to come. We are very excited to be bringing this development to the world and empower consumers to Live Smart. Enjoy Life.”

UNIBOT combines floor cleaning and air purification with aspects of household monitoring and security, as well as the control of various household devices in the owner’s home. The new home management robot combines quality and efficiency with cutting edge technologies from existing floor cleaning modules, home management modules, air purification modules and humidification modules into a single, programmable, versatile unit. The platform is comprised of ECOVACS’ most advanced floor cleaning robot, and is further enhanced with other modules to create a totally customizable, intelligent and novel customer experience. This allows ECOVACS to advance to the next stage in its long-term plan – that is, household appliances which are no longer just single-function tools, but are now multi-functional home management systems. From here, ECOVACS can advance towards full-functional appliances that act as home companions.

At IFA, ECOVACS ROBOTICS also presents its new premium floor and window cleaning robots, such as the new DEEBOT R95, which will join the ECOVACS product family in September. DEEBOT R95 combines the patented SMART NAVI technology with smartphone control from anywhere.

What this means for both ECOVACS and consumers globally is the next step in the realization of a long-held fantasy: an idea, which for the last century has been confined to the realm of fiction. That is the fantasy of a home which can be centrally and electronically managed and controlled from anywhere in the world. By using IFA as a platform for introducing the world’s first mobile home management robot, ECOVACS is announcing its arrival on the global scene of domestic robotics, of innovation, and of future Smart Home technology.

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