ECOVACS ROBOTICS launches UNIBOT, a multifunctional robot

The company presented its latest product and received positive feedback from all the guests and media.

(May 20, 2016) – ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the leading pioneer in home robotics worldwide, held “The Higher Position, the Smarter Future” product launch event to celebrate the release of its latest product, UNIBOT. The robot was presented to the media and guests in an impressive ceremony, marking the beginning of a new era for home robotics.

UNIBOT combines several modes including the UNIBOT mode, floor cleaning mode, air purification mode, and humidification mode. In addition, the brand new robot can be controlled through the ECOVACS ROBOTICS smartphone application, allowing consumers to operate and schedule UNIBOT remotely at their convenience.

With its floor cleaning function, UNIBOT can sweep and vacuum removing all dust and dirt from your floors. By turning on the air purification mode, UNIBOT can purify the air effectively, using a 3M high filtration system, while moving around the cleaning area, allowing the robot to directly approach the source of pollution and clear the air. Lastly, UNIBOT also comes with a humidification system more efficient than common humidifiers.

With the development of UNIBOT, ECOVACS ROBOTICS makes a huge step towards the achievement of Smart Home technology, by liberating people from daily household chores. During his speech, Mr. Qian, the Founder and President of ECOVACS ROBOTICS said “UNIBOT is more than a multifunctional robot; it signifies a breakthrough in innovation and technology. Because of this robot, consumers will have the opportunity to experience something they never have before. This is what we call “Live Smart. Enjoy Life”; this is the vision of ECOVACS ROBOTICS”.

UNIBOT makes Smart Technology available to consumers in terms of household appliance management but also in terms of home security. The smart robot scans the environment and in case of receiving unusual signals in its peripheral vision, it notifies the owner by sending pictures and videos in real time. Furthermore, consumers will be able to record schedule reminders by voice and set the robot’s tasks, area and time flexibly. UNIBOT will perform the chores and send pictures of the house so the consumers can monitor its progress.

More information about the UNIBOT by ECOVACS ROBOTICS will be released on the official global website of the company at on May 20. The product will be available in selected markets.

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