Robotic Intelligence is Home: ECOVACS ROBOTICS to Showcase New Line of Cleaning Robots at CES 2019


LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2019 - ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a leader in the Home Robotic Vacuum Category, is pleased to announce the official launch of its new AI-powered floor cleaning robot, the DEEBOT OZMO 960, and its smart autonomous air purifying robot, the ATMOBOT, at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. In addition, ECOVACS’ showcase will feature its award-winning window cleaning robot, the WINBOT X, and other signature technologies from its DEEBOT range. At the Sands Expo, Halls A-D, Level 2 (Booth 41121) in the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees can visit dedicated demonstration zones to see how the robots perform in real-life environments, showcasing how households can be transformed.

“ECOVACS is committed to enhancing joy and reducing chore-induced stress with improved smart cleaning solutions that transform homes through advanced robotic intelligence,” said David Qian, Chief Executive Officer of ECOVACS ROBOTICS. “Our 2019 CES showcase features ECOVACS’ most comprehensive line-up of home-cleaning robots to the global market, granting us the opportunity to promote the idea of ‘Robotic Intelligence is Home!’ Now, the smart way of cleaning is just a few finger taps or a voice command away. Through the wide range of home robotics on display at CES, attendees will learn how ECOVACS is keeping floors clean, windows spotless, and the air in homes pure. Innovating since day one, we are continually dedicated to creating intelligent homes.”

DEEBOT OZMO 960: The AI-Powered Floor Cleaning Robot

At CES 2019, ECOVACS will officially unveil how its advanced AIVI™ (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology is implemented in its latest robot, the DEEBOT OZMO 960. By introducing object/environmental recognition in addition to spatial recognition, ECOVACS AIVI™ can survey DEEBOT OZMO 960’s surroundings and foreign objects, recognizing select household obstacles lying around the floor— such as cables, shoes, socks and charging docks—meaning users no longer have to pick up or remove these obstacles themselves prior to vacuuming. DEEBOT OZMO 960 is the floor-cleaning robot that allows for no cleaning before cleaning.

Further, ECOVACS AIVI™ can easily adapt to different home environments, allowing the DEEBOT to optimize its navigation route so that it can plan and fulfill its cleaning tasks in the most intelligent and efficient way, saving both time and energy for users.

ECOVACS is committed to protecting customer data and privacy; user data and privacy will be safeguarded and no images will be recorded and sent back to ECOVACS or to third parties. Users may, however, choose to “opt-in” and send their data back to ECOVACS. This data is exclusively to aid the company in designing, testing, and improving its AI technology based on robust research and training data.

ECOVACS will also introduce its newest ATMOBOT mobile air purifier to the global market at CES 2019. ATMOBOT features a Laser Distance Sensor and ultra-sonic sensors, which create a virtual map of its surroundings to detect obstacles in the area, allowing the robot to map an efficient path around users’ homes.

The robot scans and sections out a user’s home to automatically select a purification spot in each area. Then, it commences purifying, moving to its next spot when the air quality reaches adequate levels. ATMOBOT also moves intelligently so that the entire family can enjoy clean, fresh air in every part of the home, rather than carrying a cumbersome air purifier from one room to another.

With four layers of HEPA filter on both sides and three levels of fan power, ATMOBOT offers superior air purification abilities, and thus, peace of mind. The robot works autonomously and intelligently after recharging; users can also pair it with the ECOVACS App to enjoy full control and the freedom to choose which area to start air purifying by manually setting up purification spots on the virtual map.

WINBOT X: Industry-first Cordless Window Cleaning Robot

In addition to floor cleaning and air purifying robots, ECOVACS will showcase its award-winning window cleaning robot at CES 2019, the WINBOT X. The first-of-its-kind cordless window cleaning robot developed by ECOVACS, the WINBOT X is designed for individuals who want to enjoy a better view from their windows, without the hassle of cleaning the windows themselves.

The WINBOT X offers a breakthrough in window cleaning with its cordless power source design (which allows it to cover more glass than previous generations), Deep Clean Mode, and Four-Stage Cleaning System, providing a comprehensive window clean. Further, its innovative Safety Tether System sounds a warning and retracts when the air pressure within the suction cup is too low to ensure peace of mind for its owners, particularly when cleaning windows on high buildings.

The WINBOT X can also adapt to diverse types of windows, while moving around intelligently, freely, and safely to reach higher areas with maximum coverage, ensuring even the most difficult to reach areas of a user’s windows are cleaned. A series of demonstrations will allow CES attendees to see how the WINBOT X’s innovative features work. 

ECOVACS’ Signature Technologies Create Smarter Homes

Beyond the new AI in the DEEBOT OZMO 960, ECOVACS will also demonstrate how its signature Smart Navi™ 3.0 Mapping and Navigation Technology, and the OZMO™ Mopping Technology in its DEEBOTs work. The advanced and accurate Smart Navi™ mapping technology offers the benefits of virtual boundaries, customized cleaning areas, thorough and systematic cleaning and more. ECOVACS’ OZMO™ Mopping Technology, together with an electronically-controlled water pump and sensors, allows robots from the DEEBOT OZMO line to effectively deal with dirt and dried liquid by mopping the floor smoothly, quickly, and reliably.

ECOVACS’ latest DEEBOTs and ATMOBOT can also be paired with the ECOVACS App or ECOVACS Home App, allowing users to control their robots anytime, anywhere to set cleaning schedules, select cleaning modes, monitor the cleaning process, and more.

All DEEBOTs are compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Echo as well, making cleaning at home as easy as tapping on a smartphone via the ECOVACS apps or using voice control. Together with other leading functions, these features help bring the smart home to life so that more users can feel “Robotic Intelligence is Home!”

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