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Energize the power of nature

OZMOTMMopping Technology

When outstanding engineering and innovative technologies meets, the optimal cleaning solution is created. It also allows your robot to vacuum and mop simultaneously, you can enjoy a thorough clean and save time to do more of what you love.

Precision in perfection

Precision engineering makes perfection. Thanks to excellent engineering, the water flow is controlled precisely so that your floor will be moistened properly and cleaned thoroughly. In parallel, various sensors scan the floor, enable the mopping mode switch on or off automatically depending on where and what is being cleaned. Therefore, the cleaning task will be accomplished intelligently and perfectly.

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More than big

Powered by the OZMO™ Mopping Technology, a new enlarged water tank can easily support approximately 100min of constant work and cover 90m2 of apartment.
(*Tested in ECOVACS Lab. Data may vary by model)

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