Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Every Renter Should Have


Robot vacuum cleaners are smart devices designed for house cleaning. They are compact in size and short in height, making them flexible enough to go to corners that are previously difficult to reach. Compared to traditional vacuums, they are more intelligent and convenient because they can automatically clean the floors without us lifting a single finger. Robotic vacuums with mopping features further exceed this because they can sweep and mop the floors at the same time.


For renters, a robot vacuum is a must-have if they are too busy to clean their rooms on a regular basis. With a robotic cleaner at home, they can free their hands from the task of house cleaning and spare their time for more meaningful things. Thus, these robotic cleaners can help them reconstruct their lifestyle and embrace a tidy and clean daily life.


What is the Ideal Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Renters?


It is difficult to find an ideal robotic vacuum for renters because they have more considerations when making purchase decisions. The following are the essential features an ideal robot vacuum cleaner should have. You can follow the guidelines when choosing a robotic vacuum.


  • Suction power

Strong suction power is the most important feature to consider because it can directly decide how effective a robot vacuum cleaner can be in house cleaning. When robot vacuums move, the moving brushes attached underneath their body will push dust and debris to the center, which will be subsequently sucked into the container inside the robotic vacuum. The stronger the suction power is, the more dust they can collect at the same time, and the better the cleaning effect will be. For rooms with carpets, robot vacuums with higher specifications on suction power are preferred.


  • Mopping capabilities

A robot vacuum cleaner with mopping functions can further save time for renters who require a clean environment. With the mopping system, the robot vacuum cleaner can simultaneously sweep, vacuum and mop your floor to remove stubborn stains off effectively. This feature is most helpful in treating fluids like coffee stains and water sprays.




  • Smart technology

The intelligence of a robotic vacuum will affect user experience greatly. As smart devices developed from the latest technology, robot vacuum cleaners nowadays are far more powerful than ordinary vacuums. They are competent in other chores and can surprise you in unexpected ways. A robot vacuum with advanced sensors and a camera can automatically recognize different obstacles and navigate through your rooms. Those with mapping features can draw a virtual map for the general layout of your room. With this map, you can design the cleaning route and send your robot to certain areas by making directions through your mobile phone.


ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Function


If you are currently looking for an ideal robot vacuum, you should in no way miss our ECOVACS DEEBOT series of products, which integrates high cleaning efficiency, smart intelligence, and all-around cleaning features. We would like to highlight a few featured functions and core technologies developed by ECOVACS.


For renters who want to free their hands from house cleaning, they may need a DEEBOT T10 PLUS. As we all know, mopping the floors is one necessary procedure in house cleaning. Therefore, when choosing an ideal robot vacuum, don’t forget to take this feature into consideration. Powered by our latest OZMO Pro 3.0 oscillating mopping, our DEEBOT T10 PLUS can effectively deal with both dust and fluids and take good care of both your floors and carpets. 




For busy renters who have no time to clean their rooms, our DEEBOT X1 OMNI with docking station is a must-have. Equipped with our all-in-one OMNI station, they can automatically come back to the docking station to wash their mopping cloth, refill their water tank, empty the dustbin inside and recharge themselves after they have finished a cleaning cycle, thus working for longer hours and bringing you hands-free experience.  


Why Every Renter Should Invest in Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Despite all the benefits and changes a robotic vacuum can bring to us, many renters may still hesitate when they make their decision. As a matter of fact, investing your money in a robotic vacuum will ultimately pay you back.


A robot vacuum cleaner can be a rewarding investment. In the past, you may have to manually mop the floors after your cleaning robots have collected the dust. Now, we can entrust this important task to a robotic vacuum with mopping features while lying on the sofa. What’s more, they can save us money spent on preparing mopping tools. Previously, you may have had to prepare a long list of cleaning tools. Now an ECOVACS DEEBOT with a mopping function is enough. As for additional accessories, you can easily find them on our official website.


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT friends can be life-saving times during your rush hours. Imagine that you are in a hurry to go to work but unfortunately spilled your coffee on the floor. After the coffee spray dries, it will leave permanent stains on the floor. In this situation, you can send a direction to your vacuum robot and let it handle the mess for you. Of course, a robotic vacuum with a mopping function has broader applications waiting for you to explore.


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT line of robot vacuums will accompany you wherever you move. Some may think it is unnecessary to buy a robot vacuum cleaner since they are living in someone else’s house. It is important for renters to realize that robotic vacuum cleaners are not expendables. Because of their compact sizes, they can be easily packed and carried away when they move to other places. In this aspect, they are like a loyal friend who always stands by your side and takes good care of your life.




For renters, bringing a robot vacuum cleaner home is more than about making a purchase decision. It shows a sincere attitude towards life and lifestyle, even in a temporary home. Once they free their hands from daily chores, they have more leisure time to enjoy their life. Increased house cleanliness will simultaneously improve their living standards, further changing one’s physical and mental status for the better in the long run.


What’s more, a robotic cleaner can also be a good investment. in the short term, they cost a certain amount of money. However, if you take a long-term vision, you will soon realize how much time and money they can save from house cleaning.


We would suggest you check our DEEBOT line of products and enjoy the convenience now.