5 Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets That Make Life Easier


Believe it or not, five tech gadgets for home can reshape your life. No one can deny the dramatic changes that technology has brought to our lives. Since the first household refrigerator was produced in 1879, people can enjoy fresh vegetables on the table every day. The exhaust hood, invented in 1941, helps cooks get rid of kitchen fumes. Nowadays, there are still great inventions, such as some tech gadgets for home that we can use in our homes to make our lives easier and happier.

Cleaning is a heavy burden for homeowners with busy schedules or larger homes. In fact, some modern people are already free from cleaning jobs because tech gadgets for home have taken over their housework in all ways. Want to know what cleaning gadgets you should clearly have?  Here is a list.

Smart Cleaning Gadgets for Home

After working, it's time to relax and enjoy the peaceful moments after a day, spend time with family or friends instead of getting trapped in chores. In order to build a smart home, you only need five tech gadgets for home:

  1. Remote control vacuum cleaner. An intelligent robot vacuum like DEEBOT knows your needs as a smart cleaning helper.
  2. Bathroom cleaning gadgets. If you want to enjoy comfortable washing and bathing time without worry of floor cleaning after bathing, you should own a vacuum and mop in one.
  3. Window cleaning gadget. WINBOT, a well-known window cleaning robot that always keeps your window bright!
  4. Gadget for leaf cleaningA leaf blower can kick annoying leaves out of your yard just in a few minutes.
  5. Dish cleaning gadgets. Because of the invention of dishwasher, there is no need for couples to argue about who should do the dishes today. Dishwashers have indeed greatly improved our efficiency.

Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner

cleaning route 

How can you enjoy relaxing time as much as possible in today’s fast-paced life? DEEBOT with high cleaning efficiency can help you to clean your floor so that you can spend more time on a yoga mat or on a book while you just need to tell your vacuum cleaner “clean the bedroom” with a simple instruction.

In case you have pets in the house, DEEBOT Pet Vacuum Cleaners will help you to remove pet hair from every corner of your house, including the bottom of the sofa or bed, which is often ignored. When the floor cleaning is handed over to the robot, we have more time to do what we like.

Bathroom Cleaning Gadgets

After using the bathroom, you need to clean the floor and fallen strands of hair. Maybe you adopt a naughty dog who likes to play or pee in the bathroom. You can now add a vacuum and mop in one to the list of smart appliances in your home. This bathroom gadget can wipe the dirty and wet floor in time to maintain a comfortable environment. Say goodbye to the annoying fallen hair.

DEEBOT T10 PLUS YIKO Voice Assistant

Some automatic vacuum and mop robots support auto-cleaning and auto-refilling, freeing up your hands for months with large capacity dust bags. If you are interested in this smart bathroom cleaning device or vacuum cleaner robot wiping function, you can find it on ECOVACS.

Window Cleaning Gadget

More and more people are favored by large balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, which can provide an open view and good natural lighting. But in the meantime, cleaning windows has become a troublesome thing. Especially now that the buildings are getting higher and higher, it's not so easy to clean the windows yourself.

WINBOT, with an innovative climbing system and navigation, can perfectly clean any type of window in your home. Don’t worry if the WINBOT will fall down during wet cleaning. It has a firm hold on window at all times thanks to its advanced suction blower, which allows it to wipe without a trace and ensures a brilliant result.

Gadget For Leaf Cleaning

Lawn maintenance cannot be divorced from hard work. Backpack models are more expensive but more comfortable than handheld blowers, and it can reduce your leaf cleaning time by blowing leaves directly to the curb. A leaf blower is necessary for all seasons to keep your yard and driveway clean.

Select a two-cycle handheld, gasoline-powered leaf blower that can accurately blow the leaves on the yard and road away, so that you needn’t collect it by mops wasting lots of time on the leaf cleaning.

Therefore, if you want to keep your outside yard and driveway clean and attractive, you need to prepare a leaf blower for the coming season,  which can help you get rid of the annoying fallen leaves on the road.

Dish Cleaning Gadgets

If you ask someone who has a dishwasher if he ever regrets buying that, the answer may be: Never! The popularity of dishwashers has increased in recent years due to the great spending power of the young people who want to get rid of time-consuming housework. Dish cleaning actually eats up a lot of daily time and they do need a dishwasher to replace their hands doing dishes. Buy one for yourself, or you can also send a dishing cleaning gadget as a gift to your family or lovers to express your thoughtfulness or appreciation for him/her.

Select the dishwasher case according to your household needs and budget. The built-in dishwashers should be suitable for your home’s water and plumbing system. We suggest you choose the drawer dishwashers for easier application.


Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the must-have smart home devices, be sure to invest it in your family.

People are all pursuing a more comfortable lifestyle in the hustle. We hold the faith that the technology is developed to serve humans. Therefore, the products of ECOVACS will not let you down.

To get more information about the cutting-edge models, you can browse the ECOVACS website for more practical articles.