All-new shape for innovative cleaning
The brand new square design and industry-leading technology ensure an incredible cleaning experience.
A True Hands-free Experience
Designed to be more compact. This station is your ultimate cleaning station to ensure months of maintenance-free cleaning.
Precision AI-powered Navigation
Powered with AIVI 3D 2.0 and Dual-Laser LiDAR technology for smarter and smoother navigation
A Breakthrough Interactive Experience
3D Mapping 2.0 and YIKO 2.0 for activating and controlling the DEEBOT in any situation.
Carefully-crafted in and out to fit any home
The new look is timeless with simple elegance to fit any home.
Cleans even the most invisible dust
Slimmer:With a height ofmm
Narrower:a narrow body ofcm
Wider:cmroller brush
Higher:mmMop Lifting2
Stronger:PaHurricane suction3
The super-thin low profile design enables the robot to glide underneath sofas, beds, and hard-to-reach areas where dirt hides with ease.
With ultra-narrow 320mm body, it can easily navigate through narrow passages such as table and chair legs, enabling seamless movement even in complex spaces.
The 200mm roller brush boosts the efficicacy of single cleaning pass by 19% compared to DEEBOT X1 OMNI.1
With 15mm mop lift, the highest in the industry, it can seamlessly go on majority of household carpet types. It auto-lifts the mop and maximizes suction power when on carpet.
It boasts a wind tunnel and suction power up to 8000 Pa, the strongest in the market today, capable of cleaning tough and bigger dirt patches.
OMNI Station,
made more compact
yet can do the all
Hot water mop washing4
Frees you from stubborn oil stain cleaning
2H Auto hot-air drying5
Quickly dries the mop cloth, cleaning tank and the base station
Moisturizes, rubs, squeezes, and wrings the mop cloth repeatedly.
Takes only 10 seconds to automatically empty the dustbin
Auto Water-Refill
Refills the water tank and ensures constant humidity with mopping
Self-Cleaning Station
One touch for self-cleaning, no water or dirt accumulation at the bottom
Reacts faster and
smoother than ever.
Dual-laser Lidar employs global planning technology and is equipped with Ecovacs AINA Model, enabling precise navigation.

Stronger stability and faster response speed, effortlessly handling complex indoor environments and unaffected by strong light interference.
Enhanced learning capability making it smarter than ever
AIVI 3D 2.0 is equipped with integrated AI and sophisticated reinforcement learning capabilities.

The robot "learns" and "thinks" through its upgraded RGBD sensor and achieves smoother obstacle avoidance and more precise cleaning experience.
Intelligent AI-Housekeeper
with just one click.
Based on AI visual recognition of room type, floor material and historical cleaning datas, the robot proactively recommends the most suitable cleaning method for users.
Multi-turn conversations

Clarifying the information when it is not clear

Scheduled cleaning

“OK YIKO, schedule cleaning at 10am every Saturday.”

Task adjustment

Adds cleaning areas during cleaning

Mobile manipulation

“OK YIKO, turn left, moving forward for 1m, and clean there.”

Multiple command interactions

Convey multiple commands in one sentence

Supports offline NLP

Cleaning commands can be given even without an internet connection

3D mapping 2.0 redefines a new world of interaction
Sends the robot to clean anywhere
in the room with one touch
Lean and ingenious, interpreting the high-level
subtle design language of aesthetics.
£ 1299ecovacs
Doorsill Climbing7
Ensuring smoother movement and navigation
8000 Pa
Suction Power
Swiftly vacuums up dirt and
dust, even in tight crevices
Map Lock Function
Never lose the map
6400mAh Battery8
Run for up to 210 mins. Real-time app display of remaining battery
Starlight-level 960P RGB Kamera
Pet-friendly mode
Recommends cleaning
modes for pet owners

*Images and videos are for illustration purposes only and may not exactly represent the product. Actual appearance and material may vary.

1. The square-shaped vacuum comes with an extra-long 200mm roller brush design, compared to the X1’s 168mm length, resulting in a 19% efficiency improvement in a single cleaning session compared to the X1.

2. Based on the test of Ecovacs laboratory, the lift height for the mopping pad plate is 15mm. It is suggested to clean carpets that are within 10mm, considering the carpets length. Until August 2023, the 15mm mop lift of the DEEBOT X2 OMNI is the industry-leading feature.

3. The Data is based on the test of Ecovacs laboratory, the suction power of DEEBOT X2 OMNI can reach 8000 Pa.

4. Based on the laboratory environment test of Ecovacs, the temperature of the heating water in the water tank can reach 55°C under standard room temperature environment. The actual temperature may vary depending on the specific usage in households.

5. Mop can be dried quickly in 2 hours, and 360° Hot Air Drying for the Mopping Pad + Cleaning Sink + Station bottom plate can be achieved at the same time.

6. Based on the test of Ecovacs laboratory, Auto-Empty fuction can empty the dustbin in 10 seconds.

7. Based on the test of Ecovacs laboratory, DEEBOT X2 OMNI's driving wheels use a new type of material, coupled with a strong driving force, the robot can maintain an excellent level of movement in the Cleaning/Mopping/Combo Mode, and cross a vertical barrier that is 22 mm in height.

8. With a built-in 6400mAh battery, the battery can last up to 210 minutes on a single charge, enough for a whole-house cleaning for most families.

* Except for the above notes, all the data on the page are based on the test of Ecovacs laboratory. The actual usage may vary from different situations.

* To access the functions of remote start, voice interaction, 2D/3D maps, personalized cleaning modes, and other smart features of Ecovacs products, users have to download and use the continuously updated ECOVACS HOME APP. In order to process some of your basic and necessary information and enable you to use some functions of the ECOVACS HOME APP, you also have to agree the Privacy Policy and Customer Agreement.