Spotless Windows,
So Simple, So Clean

Key Technologies
  • Innovative drive system
  • Cross Auto-Spray technology
  • WIN-SLAM 3.0 path planning
  • 8-Tier All-round Safety

ECOVACS W1 PRO is one of the most intelligent & safe robotic window cleaner that features constant wetness and delivers a supreme cleaning experience.

Equipped with industry-leading technologies, the WINBOT W1 PRO is the best window cleaning robot for your home. Through ECOVACS cross auto-spray system, the WINBOT gets rid of any dirt on your glass. This smart window cleaning robot also creates the most efficient cleaning path with maximum window coverage, even on small windows* thanks to the updated WIN-SLAM 3.0 system. With our best, most innovative safety features, your device runs steadily at all times with great stability even through power outages. Achieve sparkling clean windows with the simple touch of a button.

* The minimum size of the windows is 30 x 40cm.

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Effortless and ininterrupted cleaning
With a highly efficient spray system, the new WINBOT W1 PRO can tackle any type of window. The cross spraying design reaches wide angles and ensures ideal wet cleaning. On top of that, this smart cleaning robot remembers its position, making sure it finishes its job every time – for sparkling clean windows at the touch of a button.
Tailored to your needs and circumstances
WINBOT W1 PRO automatically cleans in a back-and-forth motion for a complete and thorough glass cleaning process in three adaptive modes: fast, deep, and spot clean mode. It intelligently creates a systematic cleaning path that ensures dazzling clean windows.
Safety comes first
Safety is our top priority. To ensure the highest safety possible, the WINBOT W1 PRO has an optimized 2,800 Pa suction power and a highly innovative anti-slip driving system. This ensures smooth movements and proper cleaning with a firm grip even on a slippery surface or possible power outages.


WINBOT W1-PRO Product Launch
So Clean
Key Feature
So Safe


  Noise Level   ca. 70 dB  
  Battery Charging Time   ca. 2 hrs  
  Battery Type   Lithium 650mAh  
  Max Working Area (full reservoir)   20 m²  
  Cleaning Modes   fast, deep, spot clean mode  
  Min Windows Size   30*40 cm  
  Weight of the robot   1,7 kg  
  Dimension of the robot   270*270*78 mm  
  Weight incl. product packaging   3.9 kg  
  Dimension of product packaging
(L x W x H)
  455*114*310 mm  
  Weight incl. outer packaging   4.2 kg  
  Dimension of product outer packaging
(L x W x H)
  470*126*320 mm  

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