Why Your Vacuum Keep On Spitting Out Dust?


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Whether you are using an upright vacuum, canister vacuum, handheld one or robotic vacuum cleaner, chances are after a while of using them, you may find them blowing dust out instead of sucking it in. Not only does this reduce the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum, but it can also pose a threat to the indoor air quality. Let’s talk about what causes the issue, and how to solve them to keep your home clean and healthy.

Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out?


Identifying the root cause of the issue would be the first step for troubleshooting.

Bag And Container:

It may seem too obvious to mention, but if you don’t empty the dust bin or bag regularly, there will be no room to contain more debris, causing the vacuum to spitting stuff back out. Vacuum cleaners need air to flow through and an overstuffed container will block the air circulation. Make a habit to empty the dust bin after each use, or set a schedule will help address the issue.

Moreover, if the container can be taken out, make sure that it is not ripped or fitted poorly, since any gap may result in dust leaking back out.


After vacuuming your house, especially high-traffic areas such as kitchen and the living room, dirt and possibly larger objects like food crumbs may accumulate behind the brush roller, hose, filter and the dirt cup. These create clogs that reduce suction power and lead to the spitting problem. Untangling the brush and removing the clogs can effectively bring your vacuum back to life.

Malfunctioning Setup:

A malfunctioning setup can sometimes cause the vacuum to spit out dust. For example, if the plug is reversed, the vacuum will blow out dust instead of collecting it. Similarly, if the drive belt is twisted or broken, it can cause the brush roller to stop spinning and start blowing.

Damaged Seals And Connection:

Many vacuums consist of detachable components such as hoses, brushes and dust bags. It is always a good idea to clean them on a regular basis, however, if they are not properly attached back to the vacuum cleaner, poor connections can cause the dust and dirt to leaking back out.

In addition, check if the seals are damaged. Wear and tear can form gaps over time, allowing air to blow the dust out if left unfixed.

Incorrect Mode:

Certain vacuum cleaners, particularly combination machines, can be used for spraying water or paint. Usually they have a switch for sucking or spraying mode. If you have this type of vacuum and it starts blowing out dust, check if you have accidentally set it to spraying mode instead of sucking mode.

Solutions to Vacuum Spitting and Dust Blowing Issues

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When you diagnose the root cause, you can work on resolving it accordingly. Ensure face masks, eye and skin protection are put on during the process to protect yourselves.

It is also key to keep watching the performance of your vacuum cleaner and fix any problem immediately to keep it at optimal state.

Empty The Dust Bag And Fit The Bag Properly

Overstuffing can be easily avoided by emptying it regularly, preferably after each use. The container needs to be fitted properly without any gaps, allowing the air to circulate effectively and preventing dust from being blown back out during operation.

Unclog Your Vacuum

Clogs can be found in brush rollers, filters, hoses and dust containers, which block the airflow. Untangle the brushes using scissors or a blade and remove the clogs with appropriate tools. For removable parts such as the hose, take them out and run warm soapy water through it to remove stubborn stains. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for cleaning instructions.

Check The Belt And Plug

A worn-out or loose belt can be the reason your vacuum keep blowing dust out. In this case, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear, and make sure it is attached securely. Replace them if needed to prevent overheating and damage the vacuum. Also, check the power plug connection to ensure that it is not reversed.

Check The Seals And Connection

It is a good practice to clean and inspect the components regularly for maintenance purpose. After taking them out for a thorough clean, ensure that they are reattached and connected properly without any gaps.

Disable Spraying Mode

For those using combination machines, which are equipped with both vacuuming and spraying settings, double-check if you have switched to ‘sucking’ mode when cleaning the house.

Self-Emptying Vacuum

If you are looking for a smart way to clean your house, or simply too busy to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance schedule, consider replacing your traditional vacuum with smart vacuums. Automatic vacuums are a popular smart device, they can autonomously navigate the room, avoid obstacles, then clean the floor automatically. Vacuum and mop combos like our DEEBOT T20 OMNI are also highly praised for keeping floors spotless at all time.

Why You Can Avoid This With Self-Emptying Vacuums

woman using app to review the maps of her house

Robot floor cleaners are essentially a smarter way to clean your house. They require minimal effort from users, and their advanced technology prevents dust spitting issues from occurring.

Self-emptying function

Top-tier models such as our DEEBOT series have self-emptying features. The multitask docking station charges the vacuum, empties the dust bins, washes the mop heads with hot water, and then dry them with hot air, offering a true hands-free experience.

Advanced filtration system

Auto vacuums feature advanced filtration systems, such as HEPA and ULPA filters, that effectively capture and contain dust. These filters can trap even fine particles like dirt, bacteria, mould and pollen, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment while eliminating the spitting issue.

Smart reminders

Another advantage is their compatibility with app control. Other than setting virtual barriers and cleaning schedules, robotic vacuum cleaners send cleaning and replacement alerts to users via the app, when they detected blockages in filters or other components. Users can take action promptly, preventing further accumulation of dust and dirt.



Why is my vacuum spitting stuff back out?

A vacuum cleaner may spit out dust instead of collecting it due to clogs, malfunctioning setup, ripped or poorly fitted dust bags, damaged seals and connections, and incorrect use of mode.

Why is my vacuum clogged when the bag is not full?

The clogs may occur when there are accumulations of dirt and possibly larger objects such as food crumbs behind the brush roller, the hose, and the dust cup air duct.

How do you unclog a vacuum without taking it apart?

Use a vacuum attachment or a long, thin object like a coat hanger to remove the clogs without taking the vacuum apart. Refer to the manual for specific instructions to avoid damaging the device.

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