Cleaning Hardwood Floors with a Vacuum Mop Robot: Quick Tips


Many of us chose hardwood floors in our homes for their earthy, elegant styles. They are also durable once they are maintained properly. However, weekly cleaning can be a tiring and time-consuming task. Therefore, a vacuum mop robot has become a choice for households to clean their hardwood floors.


A vacuum mop robot is similar to a vacuum robot in appearance. It is slightly different in that it is equipped with a water tank and microfiber cloths or mop pads that wipe your floor in place of or in addition to a dust bin. These microfiber cloths or mop pads can pick up and collect dust hidden in the grooves of wood floors. They are also able to soak up and remove dried-on stains, reducing possible damage to the surface of the wooden surfaces. Therefore, it is advantageous over a vacuum robot as it is able to vacuum and mop hardwood floors in one move. 

Compared to traditional cleaning methods such as vacuum cleaners or mops, a vacuum mop robot is more intelligent and equipped with smart control devices like app control or voice control. Some may even detect obstacles and design the cleaning route automatically. ECOVACS DEEBOT provides a series of vacuum mop robots. And here we prepare some quick tips for you to take care of your hardwood floor better:

What is Good for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

When cleaning hardwood floors, we need to take special care of a series of considerations, like the finish of the floor, techniques used, and materials of the wooden board. They help us to decide what is good for cleaning hardwood floors and bring better cleaning results. In general, you can find the following dos and don’ts helpful.

1. Do’s in cleaning hardwood floors

There are a few general guidelines we may follow in order to achieve better cleaning effects.

  • Cleaning liquid spills in time in case they become stains. Hardwood floors are not waterproof. Instead, they take in moisture rapidly. Even if your floor is waxed or sealed, the liquid may erode the protective coat. Once the moisture penetrates your floor, the wooden boards may swell, which may cost extra money to get repaired. Besides, once the liquid spills dry out, they will become stains that are hard to remove. These stains may eventually leave blots or scratches on your hardwood floor.
  • Polish your hardwood floor regularly to retain the original luster and extend the lifespan of your floor with a protective coat. Those using solid hardwood floors can also wax their floors. If you are not sure whether your floor can be waxed, you can call the manufacturer for help. 

2. Don'ts in cleaning hardwood floors

There are many preparations we need to do before cleaning. But not many of us are aware that there are precautions concerned with maintaining hardwood floors. 

  • Don’t soak the hardwood floor with water. Hardwood floors can be divided into two categories, solid hardwood, and engineered ones. Since they both have a solid wood top layer, it is still advisable to avoid soaking the material. Therefore, don’t spill water on your hardwood floors before you start your vacuum mop robot.
  • Don’t use products like steel wool or brushes. Compared to ceramic floors or vinyl floors, hardwood floors are softer and thus vulnerable to scratches.
  • Don’t vacuum and mop your hardwood floor too frequently. Mopping the floor on a daily basis is not necessary for all households, even if you have a cleaning robot to take care of it. Once or twice a week is enough, but for a home with pets or kids coming and going all day, a daily dirt-removal regimen is the best plan to prevent dirt from scratching your floor.

How Vacuum Mop Robot Helps Clean Hardwood Floors

Currently, there are many types of vacuum mop robots in the market, each with specified functions. Before you make your purchase decision, you may find it necessary to understand the key features of vacuum robots and the pros and cons of different types available in the market. The following tips may help you to pick the vacuum and mop for hardwood floors that suit your house.

A vacuum mob robot is advantageous in cleaning hardwood floors in many aspects. Compared to traditional tools like brooms or vacuums, robotic vacuum mops are more gentle, which helps us to protect the finish of our hardwood floors. Besides, vacuum mop robots are generally designed with smart mopping programs, which reduces the risk of soaking our floors with excessive water. What’s more, these hand-free intelligent gadgets are also able to reach dead corners, while in the past we may need to bend down or even lie down on the floors to clean these dead corners.

Key Features of Vacuum Mop Robots 

Vacuum mop robots are differentiated from vacuum robots because they can wipe the floors after collecting the dirt with their mopping pads. They are equipped with a water tank that is set to release water as needed and a disposable mopping cloth that is put beneath the machine. Therefore, they are able to vacuum and mop our floors with one move.

Today, vacuum mop robots are developed to be more smart and automatic in many aspects. They are generally equipped with sensors so that they can navigate their way through our houses while avoiding objects like furniture, walls, rugs, clothes, and even stairs. Some may use a scanner or camera to recognize different kinds of obstacles and design the cleaning route.


Some vacuum mop robots allow for remote control. For instance, you can control your ECOVACE DEEBOT N10 with the ECOVACS HOME app, which generates a realistic representation of your home so that you can design your own cleaning route and control your robot from anywhere. It can also adapt to a range of complex environments and work the same well both under natural light and in darkness.

In the past, maintaining hardwood floors can be a headache for many households. Now, vacuum mop robots have brought convenience to hardwood cleaning in many aspects. With a vacuum robot at home, we no longer need to bend down for long hours. Instead, we can lie down on our sofa and let the robot clean our floors automatically. These intelligent gadgets are also able to clean corners that are difficult for us to reach, bringing better hygiene conditions to our homes and floors. ECOVACS will continue providing useful tips for maintaining a clean home.

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