Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning with Vacuum and Mop Robot

Vacuum and mop robots are efficient cleaning tools that can achieve vacuuming and mopping with one go. If you want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of home cleaning, proper usage is a must.

Today, we are here to help you optimize the cleaning performance of your mop and vacuum robots. Most importantly, we will inform you of a detailed list of dos and don'ts in various cleaning procedures, ranging from preparations before hands to maintenance afterward.

Dos of Cleaning with Vacuum and Mop Robot

Using a robot vacuum and mop properly involves many considerations. Before you start your robotic cleaner, you had better spare some time to understand how to set up the robot, what surfaces they work on, and how to maintain the device properly. These details can decide your experience. We will feature DEEBOT products from ECOVACS for demonstration.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Just like other household products, vacuum and mop robots have a limited life span. Regular maintenance can enlengthen their life span as well as improve cleaning performance. This takes a few simple steps.

After a cleaning task, you can take off the brushes and mopping pads and wash them with mild soap and water. Remove filters and rinse them with water or use a soft brush to clean them. Let the parts dry in the air before reassembling them. By the way, don't forget to check and replace any worn parts.

To maintain the battery life of your vacuum and mop robot, you should avoid overcharging and keep the docking station clean from dust and debris to ensure a good connection for charging.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solutions can soften stains and grease so that your mop and vacuum robot can achieve a better cleaning effect. However, harsh cleaning solutions can harm your robot and floor. Select the right cleaning solution for specific flooring materials to avoid damage to the robot and surfaces.

If you have a DEEBOT vacuum and mop robot in your home, you can always trust cleaning solutions from ECOVACS. Featuring mild and low foaming, this cleaning solution can well protect your floor while realizing efficient decontamination. Exclusively designed for the DEEBOT series of products, this solution is an essential part of professional cleaning services.

Empty the Dustbin Regularly

It is suggested to regularly check and empty the dustbin of your robot vacuum and mop, as a full dustbin can decrease the cleaning efficiency. Robots with self-empty functions and docking stations can further help to prevent overloading inbuilt containers and reduce the need for manual dustbin emptying.

A frequently recommended choice is our star product DEEBOT X1 OMNI. Equipped with its All-in-One OMNI Station, this robot can empty its inbuilt dust bin within 10 seconds and refill clean water. The disposable dust bag can store a maximum of 3L of dust for up to 60 days.

Use the App to Control and Schedule Cleaning

Vacuum and mop robots are smart enough to understand your commands. If you want to free your hands from the cleaning task, you can simply deliver commands to your robots through remote control like voice control and app control.

DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner can be customized for cleaning modes via a mobile phone
DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner can be customized for cleaning modes via a mobile phone.

For ECOVACS cleaning robots, we have the ECOVACS Home App which connects you to your DEEBOT cleaning robots. You can set up a cleaning schedule, select cleaning modes and customize the cleaning routine through your smartphone. The app can send notifications when it has finished a cleaning cycle so that you can understand the cleaning progress.

Optimize Cleaning Settings for Different Surfaces

Your floor requires refined care. Today, a smart robotic vacuum and mop can satisfy various refined needs of different types of floors, including hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. Check the manufacturer's instructions to find an appropriate mode for your floor.

You can set up cleaning modes according to the condition of your floor, and adjust the suction power and brush roll settings for different surfaces. Use the gentle mode for fragile surfaces to avoid scratches while the higher suction mode is for heavy debris or high-traffic areas. Pay close attention to the water supply if your cleaning robot is working on surfaces vulnerable to excessive water.

Don'ts of Cleaning with Mop and Vacuum Robots

Some of the users may find their robots not working as they expected. That is because they use them in the wrong ways. Apart from precautions to consider, it is important to avoid common mistakes when cleaning with vacuum and mop robots. Inappropriate use may incur potential risks. Bear the following tips in mind when using your robot vacuum and mop.

Don't Overload the Robot Vacuum and Mop

Don't overload your robot vacuum and mop with excessive dust and dirt. Every robot has its maximum capacity for the dustbin and water tank. This information can usually be found in the user manual or specifications provided by the manufacturer. Workload beyond this limit may cause reduced cleaning performance and potential damage to the device or even malfunction.

DEEBOT-X1-OMNI can automatically empty the DEEBOT dustbin
DEEBOT-X1-OMNI can automatically empty the DEEBOT dustbin.

It is necessary to check the dustbin and water tank as needed so that your robot can work as scheduled. Or you can choose one that can detect its load, empty its dustbin, wash its mopping pad, and refill clean water all by itself.

Don't Use Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Don't use harsh chemicals because they can incur potential risks to your device and floor. Some solutions may even evaporate harmful substances that can undermine your health. You can never be too careful in choosing a cleaning solution.

Check the ingredients of the cleaning solutions when making decisions. It is advised to choose eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions because they can protect your floor and robot while realizing the same cleaning effects.

Don't Use it on Wet Surfaces

Don't use the robot on surfaces with excessive water. Most robot mops and vacuum cleaners are not designed to handle large amounts of water or liquid as they may damage the robot's internal components and cause a safety hazard. You can wait for the wet surface to dry out before sending your robot to these areas or you can plan the cleaning routine before your hands so that your robot can navigate itself to avoid wet surfaces.

Don't Leave Obstacles in the Way

Don't leave cords or cables on the floor. Ensure that there are no cords, cables, or other small items left on the floor because they could get tangled in the robot's brushes or wheels. Obstacles of large sizes such as furniture may be problematic for the robot to recognize. Be sure to leave out of the way before cleaning and create clear pathways for the robot to navigate.


Just take a little more attention and care and you will have a more powerful vacuum and mop robot. The more you are familiar with your cleaning robots, the more improved efficiency and convenience you will enjoy. Check out DEEBOT robot vacuum and mop products from ECOVACS and test them by yourself right now.