Obstacle Avoidance: How DEEBOT Enhances Your Vacuum Cleaning Experience

Are you tired of your robot vacuum cleaner missing spots or getting stuck on obstacles? Frustrated with having to clean up after your automated helper? Worry no more, as the future of smart cleaning is here! Introducing DEEBOT, the technologically advanced robot vacuum that utilizes a 5-level precision recognition system to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. In this blog post, we'll delve into DEEBOT's innovative obstacle avoidance capabilities, which not only differentiate it from other robot vacuums but also empower it to deliver the best cleaning results possible. So, get ready to witness a true revolution in home cleaning as we unveil the secrets behind DEEBOT's impressive performance.

DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 5-level Object Avoidance

The robot vacuum cleaner often misses certain areas in its attempt to avoid obstacles or mistakenly treats large particles of debris as obstacles. However, DEEBOT's 5-level precision recognition of various dimensions within the household space allows it to strategically clean and achieve full coverage. How does the DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner determine which areas to clean and which to avoid? How can it ensure the best cleaning results? What exactly are the five levels of recognition? Let's find out today.

First Level: Environmental Recognition


First and foremost, the DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner applied TrueDetect technology which can read the room, such as the number of rooms, walls, and doors in the house, as well as their locations and sizes. And, ECOVACS' exclusive TrueMapping 2.0 global planning technology can reshape the environment and reproduce the household floor plan. This results in the 2D and 3D maps! DEEBOT uses the same 3D structured light technology behind facial recognition on smart phones. That intelligence empowers it to create a lightning fast and pinpoint accurate—as in down to the millimeter level—image of space and objects.

Second Level: Furniture Recognition

 DEEBOT furniture Recognition

By preprocessing and annotating massive amounts of image information, the DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner can identify various types of furniture, such as sofas, dining tables, and coffee tables. Moreover, once the 2D map is created, the 3D map can be generated automatically. In the latest APP and DEEBOT firmware versions, the 3D map supports AI-based automatic recognition of pet surroundings. Scattered cat litter particles and pet food on the ground can be cleaned more accurately. (Only available for DEEBOT T10 OMNI/T10 TURBO)
*If the recognition fails, please check if the APP version has been updated to the latest version.

Third Level: Obstacle Recognition

Obstacle Recognition

Thanks to 24 years of technological accumulation, continuous model training, and iterative optimization, we have increased the recognition accuracy of our robots by 20%². Common obstacles on the ground, such as slippers, socks, and wires, can be precisely recognized and avoided by DEEBOT X1 Family, ensuring a smooth and collision-free cleaning process. Additionally, when encountering small objects like wires, DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner can get close without getting tangled, maximizing cleaning efficiency.
Obstacle Recognition-1

Fourth Level: Particle Recognition

Simply recognizing the environment, furniture, and obstacles is not enough. The clever DEEBOT vacuum robot can even identify particles on the ground. What are particles? For example, cat litter scattered around the litter box by your furry friend or discarded melon seed shells from watching a sports game. DEEBOT vacuum robot can recognize these particles on the ground and automatically adjust suction, cleaning path, and side brush speed when approaching them, preventing particles from being scattered and affecting cleaning efficiency.
Particle Recognition

Fifth Level: Dynamic Human/Pet Recognition

Dynamic Human Pet Recognition

Of course, there are more than just stationary obstacles in the home! When the DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner is working, it may encounter children running back and forth or curious pets staring at the robot. DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaners can dynamically recognize people and pets, avoiding collisions. At the same time, human recognition technology combined with YIKO smart voice assistant enables you to summon the robot for cleaning at any time.
Above is a brief introduction to why the DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner can achieve five levels of recognition, precise obstacle avoidance, and intelligent cleaning. In the future, we will continue training and evolving, allowing DEEBOT to recognize more items and providing OTA firmware upgrades for everyone to experience the latest technology. Stay tuned!
  1. Full coverage refers to DEEBOT X1 Family achieving full coverage cleaning in a laboratory environment. To clean around obstacles as much as possible and prevent missed spots, the robot vacuum cleaner may lightly touch obstacles, which is considered normal. Actual performance depends on individual household usage.
  2. Data is from ECOVACS laboratory testing. Compared to DEEBOT T9 AIVI, DEEBOT X1 Family's recognition accuracy is 20% higher.
  3. *ECOVACS internal data as of November 2022. Cumulative number of interactive commands for all YIKO-enabled products globally.

DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Object Recognition

Here are several DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaners with powerful obstacle recognition features for you to choose from.

DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum and Mop

The DEEBOT X1 OMNI is a cutting-edge robot vacuum cleaner with exceptional home cleaning experience. It boasts a powerful 5000Pa suction capacity, facilitating the efficient removal of dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. Say goodbye to manual cleaning as the DEEBOT X1 OMNI ensures a spotless home with minimal effort.
Equipped with advanced AIVI 3D technology, this remarkable device accurately detects and avoids obstacles, providing a smooth, collision-free cleaning process. This obstacle Avoidance system protects your furniture and household items from accidental damage while ensuring a comprehensive cleaning.

DEEBOT T10 PLUS Robot Vacuum and Mop

The DEEBOT T10 Plus is an innovative robotic cleaning machine that handles all your cleaning needs. With a powerful suction of 3000pa, it can easily remove dust, dirt and debris from your floors, leaving them spotless and shiny. The DEEBOT T10 Plus is also equipped with the latest AIVI 3.0 obstacle avoidance system, ensuring it can navigate your home seamlessly without getting stuck.


In conclusion, DEEBOT brings a new home cleaning experience with its unique 5-level precision recognition system. Capable of recognizing the environment, furniture, obstacles, and particles on the floor and dynamically identifying people and pets, DEEBOT ensures optimal cleaning results while avoiding collisions. As technology advances and product iterations optimize, ECOVACS will persist in training and evolving, providing an enhanced cleaning experience and smart functionality. If you want to learn more cleaning tips, please follow the official website of ECOVACS UK.

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