How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner For A Small Apartment?


deebot n8 pro smart vacuum using truedetect 3d technology to detect a pile of toys on the living room floor

Ah, the monotony of vacuuming. If you’re not one of the blessed ones who derives joy from cleaning, then vacuuming is one of those repetitive chores that just seems never-ending. But a smaller space should be easier to clean than a larger space, right? Not so fast! It’s easy for dust and debris to accumulate on the limited square footage and with limited airflow in a compact home, as well as for space to become occupied with this, that and the other piece of furniture; resulting in a situation where you have trouble manoeuvring a vacuum cleaner into every nook and cranny.

A fast-growing category of smart home devices, robotic vacuums offer respite to the burdened with their automated cleaning, slim profiles and intelligent navigation. In this guide, we will explore whether it’s worth getting a robot vacuum cleaner for a small apartment.

Why Choose A Robot Vacuum For A Small Apartment?

Robot vacuum cleaners are an asset in small apartments for a few key reasons.

First, they are compact and require little storage room, a significant advantage when space is at a premium. Second, smart vacuum cleaners can operate on schedules set by the user, meaning you can have your apartment cleaned while you’re out or otherwise occupied. Third, they are designed to recognise and manoeuvre around obstacles and clean under furniture, essentially cleaning every reachable inch of the apartment.

Fifth, they are generally quieter and less disruptive than traditional vacuums which can be an important consideration in a tight space where you share walls with neighbours. Sixth, robotic vacuums improve air quality by trapping allergens and micro-dust particles in small spaces where air circulation is limited. Finally, versus the eyesore of stick or canister vacuums, robot vacuums and their docking stations have sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs .

Best DEEBOT Smart Vacuums For Compact Spaces


Deebot N10
The DEEBOT N10 is an all-round smart vacuum mop that is cost-effective without sacrificing performance. Powered with 4,300 Pa suction power1, it uses TrueMapping technology to map and navigate myriad obstacles in compact spaces with 4x the accuracy of previous DEEBOT models . It comes with the Auto-Empty Station for hands-free dustbin clearing with a four-layer, hypoallergenic dust bag that filters 99.99% of dust particles from the air2. The 2.5L bag stores dust for up to two months3, and auto-seals when being taken out from the docking station to prevent dust from resettling. This model features five dust collection modes for different collection frequencies depending on the needs of your space (e.g., Do you have a pet or live near a construction site? You can set a frequency of up to every 20 minutes to keep your small home spotless).


ecovacs deebot vacuum robot cleaning in a bedroom while a graphic hand holds a smartphone with the ecovacs home app open showing a 3d map of the user’s home

Another good robot vacuum and mop for small apartments is the DEEBOT N10 PLUS. It has all the features of the N10, with the added ability to customise cleaning modes, water flow, suction power and cleaning times between rooms, plus the ability to set the order in which DEEBOT cleans spaces and mark no-go zonesin the ECOVACS HOME App . It’s also equipped with a stronger battery than the N10 model which extends use on a single charge to 300 minutes4.


deebot robotic vacuum with a letter Y hovering over it and voice waves radiating out from the device to represent the yiko voice assistant

Another DEEBOT from ECOVACS which is a fantastic option for small apartment dwellers is the DEEBOT X1 OMNI. This is a dual vacuum mop housed in the Clean Station with automatic washing and drying of mop cloths to prevent bacteria and mould growth. The device can be controlled hands-free with YIKO virtual assistant. With 5,000 Pa suction5 and equipped with AIVI 3D technology, astrophotography-grade RGB camera and artificial intelligence for even more responsive obstacle avoidance, the X1 OMNI is also designed by renowned Scandinavian design consultancy Jacob Jensen Design for a premium look that seamlessly fits into the modern home.

Steps To Choosing Robot Vacuums For Small Residences

Consider Your Lifestyle

The robot vacuum industry is in a cool space of innovation. Different models have very different capabilities in terms of suction power, navigation technology, smart home compatibility and ease of use and so it’s important to look for an auto vacuum that suits your small home’s specific needs.

Do you have pets? Kids? Look for a robot vacuum with strong suction power and a brush roll that can handle pet hair and large pieces of debris. Do you work long hours and have limited time for cleaning? An important feature to look for, then, will be scheduling capabilities on your robotic floor cleaner can clean on a routine without any extra mental exertion on your part.

Check Lowest Clearance

A robot vacuum and mop for small rooms and apartments should be able to reach every corner, otherwise it’s leaving a percentage of the already small space untouched. Measure the height between the bottom of furniture and the ground to ensure your little housekeeper can fit under all the furniture you want to clean underneath. This is especially important in tiny homes where significant portions of ground are obscured by furniture and appliances.

Height & Size

It’s easiest to limit your search to smart vacuum cleaners with a low-profile design that can easily clear low-sitting furniture. The overall size will also affect the robot’s ease in maneuvering around tight spaces and corners . Robot vacuums require base stations, so you should also factor in the height and width of the accompanying station when seeing what will best suit your home.

Cleaning Performance

Vacuum robot cleaning performance is generally determined by suction power, brush type and filtration system. Is your tiny residence comprised of hard surfaces like hardwood, linoleum or tile, soft surfaces like carpet or a mix of both? Stronger suction power is better for extracting large debris and micro dust from between carpet and rug fibres, while if your apartment just has hard surfaces, you can probably suffice with average suction power (for a frame of reference, DEEBOT floor vacuum robots range from 40 to 50 Watts in motor power ). Also consider a device with multiple cleaning modes (e.g., Certain DEEBOTs have enhanced spot cleaning and edge cleaning) to tackle more kinds of messes.

ecovacs’ deebot robot floor cleaner mopping hardwood in a small apartment

Dust Bin Capacity

The next step in choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for a small apartment is checking how much debris can fit in the onboard dustbin. Taking convenience to the next level, most DEEBOT robotic vacuums feature automatic dust emptying, where the dust in the device’s reservoir is hoovered into the docking station so users can go longer in between manual empties (up to 60 days!).

Battery Life

Now take a close look at the automatic vacuum’s battery life. This encompasses run time on a single charge and how long it takes to recharge. The vacuum robot will be most effective if it can cover your entire apartment in one pass , given that it’s already a small living space. To this effect, ECOVACS’ DEEBOT robots can vacuum for up to 300 minutes on silent mode . And while they can take up to five hours to fully charge, newer generations feature intelligent charging where the device returns to its station to charge when it’s running low on battery, then independently resumes unfinished cleaning tasks.

Navigation & Mapping

Next up, one of the most important factors of selecting a robotic vacuum for size-challenged homes is navigation and room mapping. Smart vacuums utilise one or a few sensor technologies to ‘see’ and move around your space effectively(which affects how long cleaning sessions take and whether it will frequently get stuck), each sensor with its strengths and weaknesses. Look for one with a camera sensor that can analyse and actually recognise obstacles and lidar and/or ToF sensors for detailed environment mapping. These sensors can also help them map different floors in a home, which can come in handy if, for instance, your apartment has a loft.

deebot n8 pro smart vacuum cleaner using truedetect technology to detect a chair leg

Noise Output

Finally, in the search for an apartment-friendly robot vacuum and mop, consider the decibel level the device is rocking at normal operation. This can be a make or break if you have thin walls. Smart vacuums are generally quieter than normal handheld vacuums and what constitutes ‘loud’ is subjective, but as a guideline, look for one with a motor around 69dB (which is about the same noise level as an average conversation). DEEBOTs go as quiet as 65dB on sweeping mode.


Are robot vacuums good for small apartments?

Smart vacuums are well-suited for smaller apartments as they save space with their compact design, operate more quietly than handheld vacuums, can efficiently navigate in tight quarters around obstructions and under furniture, require minimal maintenance with dust self-emptying and can improve air quality in homes with poor air circulation.

How many square feet can a robot vacuum clean?

The amount of space a robot floor cleaner can cover varies by brand and model. The speed at which they clean a certain amount of ground is also impacted by room layout, clutter, and flooring type(s). As a general guide, DEEBOT robotic vacuum mops can typically clean a 250-square-foot space in under 45 minutes.

What features should robot vacuums for small apartments have?

The most important features to look for in smart vacuums that are suitable for compact apartments are slim design and short profile for navigating around cramped spaces and clearing furniture, as well as small-sized charging station to take up less room.


  1. 4,300Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT N10 and DEEBOT N10 PLUS can reach 4,300Pa.
  2. 99.99% antibacterial effect on common bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus). Test data from a third-party authoritative laboratory.
  3. Two months: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The large 3L disposable dust bag can be used for up to 60 days. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
  4. 300 minutes: The DEEBOT N10 features an upgraded 5,200mAh battery, giving it a maximum runtime of 300 minutes on a single charge while sweeping on silent mode on hard floors.
  5. 5,000Pa: The data is based on testing from the ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T10 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 TURBO and DEEBOT X1 PLUS can reach 5,000Pa.

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