How To Choose Robot Vacuums With Docking Station?


deebot x2 omni robot vacuum charging at omni docking station

Tidying up your space with a smart vacuum liberates your hands, and pairing it with a docking station elevates this cleaning experience to new heights. Models without a docking station face significant drawbacks, such as unreliable charging, often not ready when needed, and the inconvenience of frequently misplacing the robot since it lacks a designated home base. An auto-docking station addresses these challenges by serving as a multifunctional charging hub, and ECOVACS takes it a step further with advanced features like automatic dust disposal and self-cleaning mops. Beyond the convenience, these smart devices efficiently keep your home spotless with minimal input from you. Imagine a device that not only takes the legwork out of vacuuming but also tucks itself away to recharge, ready for its next mission. It's about smart living – technology takes over routine chores, leaving you with more time for what truly matters.

Do You Need A Docking Station for A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Absolutely, yes! A robot vacuum with a docking station is a must-have because it automatically charges, empties and cleans the robot with minimal effort from you. Models without docking stations, however, lack these conveniences and suffer from manual charging, limited autonomy, higher risk of interruption, and potential misplacement.

These stations are much more than mere charging docks; they serve as the operational base for your cleaning robot. With automatic dust collection, the need for your intervention is dramatically reduced as the vacuum self-empties. For models that also mop, the station takes it a step further by auto-cleaning the pads at high temperatures, warding off odours and bacteria. The combo of self-charging, auto-recharge, and continuous cleaning capabilities means your home remains immaculate through scheduled sessions without you having to move a muscle.

Picture this: your smart vacuum diligently cleans your space, navigating with ease, and once its task is complete or its battery dips, it autonomously returns to its charging station. There, it not only recharges but also empties its bin or cleans its mops, prepping itself for the next round of cleaning, all without any prompt.

Without a docking station, you're missing out on a seamless, automated cleaning experience. Imagine having to manually empty dustbins and deal with the hassle of recharging after each clean; this precisely loses the very essence of convenience that robot vacuums promise. A docking station, therefore, isn't just an accessory; it's an integral component that elevates the efficiency and autonomy of your cleaning robot, freeing us to concentrate on other important tasks, while keeping our spaces in prime condition and improving our overall well-being.

3 Best DEEBOT Robot Vacuums With Docking Station

ECOVACS DEEBOT brings user-friendly features to home cleaning, including multifunctional docks for a truly automated experience. Here are 3 top DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaners with advanced docks.


deebot x2 omni robot vacuum

DEEBOT X2 OMNI is renowned for its innovative features, including its robust suction power of 8,000Pa 1 and the OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping system, effectively tackling even the most stubborn dirt. Its OMNI Station is just as impressive. This all-in-one charging station does more than just charge; it performs a series of maintenance tasks, from hot-water mop washing that dissolves oil stains to an auto-drying system that ensures everything is clean, dry, and ready for the next task. With automatic dust disposal, water refilling, and self-cleaning capabilities, the OMNI Station allows the smart vacuum to return, recharge, and rejuvenate without a finger lifted.



deebot t20 omni robot vacuum

DEEBOT T20 OMNI is tailored for homes with carpets, with a strong 6,000Pa 2 suction power and a durable, tangle-free rubber brush that effectively agitates carpets to capture more dirt. It also features an auto-lift mopping function to prevent water damage. The accompanying OMNI Station further promotes a self-operating experience. With hot-water mop cleaning that tackles stubborn stains, an auto-empty feature that quickly clears the dustbin, and automatic water refilling and hot-air drying, this model ensures your floors are meticulously maintained while requiring minimal effort from you.



deebot n10 plus robot vacuum

If you're prone to allergies, then DEEBOT N10 PLUS is your solution. Other than cleaning with a powerful 4,300Pa 3 suction that removes stubborn dirt and dust from carpets and crevices, it also features a high-efficiency antibacterial filter. This filter captures fine dust and allergens, achieving an antibacterial rate over 99.99%4, with option to add activated carbon to absorb odours from household waste. Furthermore, its Auto-Empty Station includes a 2.5L hypoallergenic dust bag, designed with 4 high-quality layers to filter particles and prevent smell, auto-sealing to keep dust contained. Thus, this model keeps your floor sparkling and promotes a healthier, fresher home environment.


What To Consider When Selecting A Docked Robot Vacuum?

deebot robot vacuum returning to dock station

Among the thousands of automatic vacuums available on the market, don't get lost in the technical details in the specs – keep things simple and focus on the following features when choosing a docked robot floor cleaner.

Docking Station Functionality

If you're looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with a docking station, prioritize these functions:

Automatic Charging : Look for a dock that not only automatically charges your robot when the battery is low, but also intelligently resumes cleaning right where it left off.

Self-Emptying : An auto empty dock can swiftly transfer dust and debris into a disposable bag, reducing the need for manual emptying.

Auto Clean : For vacuums that also mop, an auto clean function is essential to keep mop pads fresh and ready for the next cleaning session.

Auto Hot-Air Drying : This system rapidly dries the mopping pads with hot air after washing can prevent bacteria and odour.

Self-Cleaning : For hassle-free maintenance, the dock separates clean water from waste and automatically replenishes clean water to prevent water or dirt build-up at the bottom.

Size & Design of the Docking Station

Opt for an auto vacuum model that complements your home's layout and aesthetics. Whether you live in a cosy flat or a large house, choose a sleek, compact station that does it all. It fits into your living space without taking up much room, further enhancing its efficiency.

The great news is that DEEBOT models are compact and well-equipped with these advanced self-operating functions.


The journey to choosing the perfect robot vacuum with a docking station shouldn't be overwhelming. Embrace the convenience that a charging dock brings into your home; without one, it might not be charged when you need it, and you will always have to keep charging and emptying the robot on your mind. The docking station essentially provides a self-maintenance system for your robot floor cleaner. With features like self-emptying and auto-cleaning, a multifunctional stationliberates you from daily chores, keeping your home in pristine condition and fresh. As you consider your options, remember to match the vacuum's design and functionality with your lifestyle and home's layout. Let smart technology create more space for what you love.


How does a robot vacuum's docking station work?

An automatic vacuum's dock charges the vacuum and often performs maintenance tasks such as auto-emptying the dustbin, washing and drying mops, and refilling the water tank, to promote automated cleaning cycles.

How do robot vacuums with docking stations handle stairs?

Robot vacuum with docking station has sensors located at the bottom to prevent falls down stairs. These sensors identify the edge of stairs, regardless of the dock's location.

Can I make another brand's docking station work with my DEEBOT?

No, DEEBOTs, especially those with advanced features like the X2, X1 and T20 Families, are uniquely paired with their charging stations at the factory and cannot work with docks from other brands or even different ECOVACS models.


  1. 8,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT X2 OMNI can reach 8,000Pa.
  2. 6,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach 6,000Pa.
  3. 4,300Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT N10 and DEEBOT N10 PLUS can reach 4,300Pa.
  4. Antibacterial rate over 99.99%: 99.99% antibacterial effect on common bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus). Test data from a third-party authoritative laboratory.

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