Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum: Is It Worth It To Get One?


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The simple answer is: yes. Whether you live in a large house or small apartment, living with your family or by yourself, we all desire to have someone else handle the household tasks. That’s why robot vacuums are popular.

The world’s first commercially available autonomous vacuum cleaner was released in 2001. Two decades later, robot vacuum has advanced significantly over time to become a cutting-edge floor cleaner with a variety of intelligent functions. Facing these powerful functions, plenty of people don’t know what kind of robot vacuum they should purchase.

Among these functions, many have praised the self-emptying feature for bringing a truly hands-off, hassle-free experience. While regular robot vacuums have dust containers attached to the devices, they often have small capacities and require frequent emptying by owners. To address these issues, the new generation of premier robot vacuums models is paired with an auto-emptying station. This station independently empty and clean the dustbins, ensuring the robot vacuums are always ready for the next clean. Here, we are going to discuss whether getting a self emptying robot vacuum is worthwhile.

Why is a robot vacuum with the auto-empty feature better?

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How often have you attempted to empty the dust holder from your robot vacuum only to discover that your hands were covered in the dust and debris that the machine had gathered from your house? An auto-empty robot vacuum can save you from that chore. It features an internal storage bin that collects debris and dust, and a dock station where it automatically empties the bin andstore the dirt into a larger container. Say goodbye to frequent emptying.

For busy individuals, you just want to spend time with your family and rest after a day of work. Therefore, the less intervention required, the better. Think about a busy mother juggling children, work and other house chores. She must pause in the midst of everything to empty the vacuum, so it can continue its work. An auto-empty robot vacuum can help a lot under such circumstances.

If you ever suffered from allergies, a self-cleaning robot vacuum will be your best friend. With strong filters and suction power, robot vacuum can effectively eliminate most common pollutants and allergens, improving the living environment. The self-emptying station can even prevent health hazards such as overstuffing the dustbin and spitting debris back out, further enhanced the robot vacuum’s ability to keep your house clean.

An auto-empty system also allows the robot vacuum to be utilized more frequently. If you must empty the debris container throughout the day, you may be reluctant to use the vacuum more than required. However, if it empties itself, you can run it more frequently and maintain a cleaner home.

Best DEEBOT robot vacuums with auto-emptying

deebot x2 omni cleaning behind sofa

ECOVACS DEEBOT provides various functions, including auto-clean, auto-water refill, auto-empty, obstacle avoidance, precision mapping and navigation, and Al voice assistance. Find out these professional robot vacuums that allow you to live a more convenient life.



deebot t20 omni smart vacuum

DEEBOT T20 OMNI is also paired with the multifunctional OMNI station, therefore it can run by itself and reduced the need for frequent checks. The station’s strong suction force of up to 21 kPa allows the dust container to be automatically emptied in about 10 seconds. The huge 3L disposable dust bag can keep debris and grime for months, allowing you to set the DEEBOT to clean the house regularly even when you are on a trip.

This model is the first among the DEEBOT series that feature the auto lift-mopping function, where the device will lift the mop pads when carpet is detected. This allows the users to clean and mop across different floor materials in one single charge, while having a peace of mind that the robot vacuum will not ruin the expensive carpet and rugs.


deebot x1e omni with self emptying station

DEEBOT X1E OMNI, another model in the OMNI family, can be monitored and controlled via the ECOVACS Home App. Thanks to the TrueMapping 2.0 technology, homeowners can remotely customize the DEEBOT’s cleaning routine by labelling rooms, sending specific commands and more. You can switch from a 2D to a 3D map for a more detailed view of your home. By learning and understanding your home environment, the device can more accurately identify furniture and flooring materials to improve navigation. Besides, it is powered by the OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System, where the two mopping pads rotates up to 180 rotations per minute, assuring tough stains and debris from floors are removed.

How does a self-emptying robot vacuum work?

deebot going back to docking station

An internal storage system, often a small dustbin, is where a robot vacuum collects debris and dust while cleaning. You might need to empty the dustbin every two or three cleaning cycles, depending on the size of your house and how dirty the floor is.

A self-emptying system offers a dock for the robot vacuum to rest in. It connects the robot to a series of vacuums that remove dirt and debris from the dustbin and place it in a much larger storage binwhile also charging the machine. You can regard it as the vacuum cleaner's bag. Instead of every two or three days, you just dump the base station every 30 or 60 days1.


Circling back to our original question, is it worthwhile to get an auto-empty robot vacuum right now? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes, especially for people who own pets or live in large houses. If you have the budget, you should try one and then you’ll find it’s really convenient.


Is there a robot vacuum that empties itself?

Yes. Many robot vacuums like our DEEBOTs can automatically empty the dust holders into the large dust bags inside the multifunctional docking station, which can hold around 30 to 60 days of debris. This reduces the manual effort and intervention required, offering a truly hands-free experience.

What does self emptying mean for a robot vacuum?

For a robot vacuum, self emptying means the docking station can clean and empty the dustbin independently. It is a great function not only for the homeowners, but also to prevent issues like overstuffing the bins and creating clogs, which eventually causing the robot vacuum to smell or stop suctioning. Auto cleaning prevents these problems from happening and prolong their lifespan.

Are self cleaning robots worth it?

Yes, robot vacuums are worth it because they are doing more than just replacing traditional upright vacuums. They are transforming the housecleaning experience with features such as advanced object recognition, AI-powered voice control, and the ability to become more efficient and effective over time. In particular for allergy suffers, self-cleaning robots are able to vacuum and clean regularly throughout the day, helping to eliminate the allergens and pollutants and significantly improve the air quality and the living environment.


  1. 30 to 60 days: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory, which is based on the statistics of the number of times users disposed of traditional dustbins. The actual performance is subject to change due to frequency and cleaning area. DEEBOT X1 PLUS, T10 PLUS come with 3.2L disposable dust bag.
  2. 8,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT X2 OMNI can reach 8,000Pa.

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