DEEBOT Buddy Kit for N10 PLUS/N10/N8+/N8/T9//T8/T8AIVI

Compatible with N10 PLUS/N10/N8+/N8/T9//T8/T8AIVI/OZMO920/950

Sold out! Introducing the antibacterial* Buddy Kit!

Buddy Kit includes:

  • Main Brush x1
  • Side Brush x4
  • Filter x3(Sponge+Filter) 
DEEBOT Buddy Kit for N10 PLUS/N10/N8+/N8/T9//T8/T8AIVI
1. Renews your DEEBOT accessories in one purchase. 2. Package included: DEEBOT Buddy:1 Main Brush, 4 Side Brush, 3 Filter(Sponge+Filter w/ holder). 3. These replacement parts are compatible with ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 920/950/T5/T8. 4. No additional tools are required for installation. 5. Remind: *The period of usage may vary depending on the frequency of use.*
Washable Mopping Pad (3PCS) for N10 PLUS/N10/N8/N8+/T8 AIVI/T8
Compatible with N10 PLUS/N10/N8/N8+/T8 AIVI/T8

Microfiber Mopping Pad x 25 (disposable)
Compatible with N10 PLUS/N10/X1/X1 PLUS/T10/T10 PLUS/T9/T9 AIVI/N8/N8 PRO/T8/T8 AIVI Series