Dust Bags for T20 OMNI/X1 OMNI /X1e OMNI

Compatible with T20 OMNI/X1 OMNI /X1e OMNI

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When DEEBOT finished cleaning, it will return to the OMNI station to collect dust automatically . No need to clean the dust box frequently , freeing hands and improving user experience.

  • High sealing, no ash leakage, no dust
  • Large capacity dust bag design, can be used for two months, convenient and peace of mind.

Capacity: 3L 

Recommended Replacement Frequency:  Every 2 months

Includes: 3 disposable Dust bags

Material: Non-woven fabric
Size: 193*167*117mm


Filter (2 Pcs) for X1 family
Compatible with X1 OMNI/ X1 TURBO

Buddy Kit for X1 Family
Compatible with X1 OMINI/X1 TURBO