ECOVACS GROUP 25th Anniversary


Saturday, March 11, Suzhou, China -- Started as a simple village factory in Suzhou with just a single production line 25 years ago, ECOVACS GROUP has become a global corporation today.

In 1998, ECOVACS Group was founded. From that time until today, we have experienced 25 years of glory together. Looking back at the past, ECOVACS Group have stepped into nearly 150 countries,tens of millions of families globally, and even broader scenarios. See the 25-year-history of the group (1998-2023) through photos and celebrate our 25th Anniversary together.


ECOVACS Historical Story of 25 Years


ECOVACS Historical Story


In 1998, ECOVACS Group started from a factory house in Suzhou. Step-by-step, the company acquired the internationally recognized manufacturing, R&D and supply chain management capabilities, and has gone from OEM to manufacturing and creating its own products and brands.


The First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from ECOVACS


The First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from ECOVACS


In 2000, inspired by a newspaper article about a robotics football game, Founder Qian Dongqi came up with the idea of combining vacuums and robots. From putting together an in-house R&D team to delivering the first prototype and rolling out China's first robotic vacuum cleaner, ECOVACS made its vision happen one step at a time.


Brands and Portfolio of ECOVACS GROUP


Brands and Portfolio of ECOVACS Group


In 2006, ECOVACS brand was officially launched. Driven by improving user experience, ECOVACS Group has been refining its R&D strategy and making innovations. Today, two brands of the Group: ECOVACS Robotics and Tineco, are both pushing the boundaries and expanding applications across the spectrum.


Positive and Thriving Working Environment


New Journey with ECOVACS Employees


ECOVACS GROUP has a brilliant history of 25 years thanks to the hard work of its numerous employees. They are our partners. We are striving to create a great workplace for them to pursue career development. We are grateful to them and ready to embark on a new journey with them.


ECOVACS Robotics Serving Numerous Homes Globally


ECOVACS Robotics Serving Numerous Homes Globally


From 1998 to 2023, the 25-year-history witnessed the group's transformation from OEM to an intelligent manufacturer with products in multiple categories, serving numerous homes globally. In future, more innovative products in more use scenarios can be expected!

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