The waste water in the cleaning sink cannot be recycled or the waste water tank doesn't have any water, but the robot reminds that the waste water tank is full.

Updated on 2023/02/17
* Please check whether the indicator on the station flashes, if it flashes, the station needs to be powered off first. And then troubleshoot after the station being powered on again.
1. Take out/Exit the robot from the station, then check whether there is any foreign object blocking the water hole in the cleaning sink, if there is, please clean it.
2. Open the top cover of the station, take out the clean water tank and the waste water tank. Open the covers of the tanks to check whether the sealing plugs are properly installed, and close them after 10 seconds.
3. Press the sealing plugs of the clean water tank and the waste water tank.
4. Put the water tanks back to the station and press them.
5. If the robot prompts "The cleaning sink is full" when the cleaning sink is empty, please check whether the water level sensor is dirty, and wipe the water level sensor on both sides of the cleaning sink with a tissue.
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