The First ECOVACS Cross Auto-spray WINBOT

Equipped with industry-leading technologies, the WINBOT W1 PRO is the best window cleaning robot for your home.

Through ECOVACS cross auto-spray system, the WINBOT gets rid of any dirt on your glass.
This smart window cleaning robot also creates the most efficient cleaning path with maximum window coverage, even on small windows, thanks to the updated WIN-SLAM 3.0 system.
With our best, most innovative safety features, your device runs steadily at all times with great stability even through power outrages. Achieve sparkling clean windows with a simple touch of a button.

  • Cross Auto-Spray technology with wide angle spraying and water reservoir, as well as position memory
  • Upgraded WIN-SLAM 3.0 path planning technology
  • 8-Tier All-round Safety and optimized 2,800 Pa suction power
Spotless Windows,<br>So Simple, So Clean

Spotless Windows,
So Simple, So Clean

The smooth and efficient cleaning experience that guarantees a polished result.

The smooth and efficient cleaning experience that guarantees a polished result.

Dual Direction Cross Auto-spray Technology

Dual Direction Cross Auto-spray Technology

The unique cross spraying design works on windows of all sizes and ensures all dirt is removed by dissolving stains for easy wipe-off. With the 60 ml reservoir, WINBOT W1 PRO guarantees an efficient wet cleaning perormance thanks to its dual direction spray that reduces the frequency of cloth changes or the need to refill reservoir during cleaning.
The wide range spray angle keeps the cleaning area wet, offering the ultimate high-quality cleaning performance.
Steady Drive System

Steady Drive System

The use of high-quality materials and precise gravity settings ensures WINBOT W1 PRO moves stably on windows.
Embedded with new material driving treads that increase extra grip, stability on windows, and no slip while wet cleaning.
Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Microfiber Cleaning Pad

WINBOT W1 PRO is fitted with a larger microfiber material, resulting in great water absorption and cleaning without any water streaks.
All-round cleaning with an upgraded algorithm and smarter path planning.

All-round cleaning with an upgraded algorithm and smarter path planning.

<nobr>WIN-SLAM 3.0</nobr> Path Planning

WIN-SLAM 3.0 Path Planning

WINBOT W1 PRO automatically cleans in a back-and-forth motion for a complete and thorough glass cleaning process in three adaptive modes: fast clean, deep clean and spot clean.
It intelligently creates a systematic cleaning path that ensures dazzling clean windows.
Edge Detection Technology

Edge Detection Technology

The high-precision coupler sensor detects edges and smartly adjusts the cleaning route in 0.02 s, allowing WINBOT W1 PRO to easily clean frameless windows.
It can also seamlessly adapt to reflective windows in not only bright lighting but also in darkness, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.
<nobr>2,800 Pa</nobr> Suction Power

2,800 Pa Suction Power

Strong suction power ensures WINBOT W1 PRO has a firm grip on the window at all times.
Beyond safety, the powerful suction offers a firmer wipe and better clean for your windows.
Tether ensures safety in event of a fall

Tether ensures safety in event of a fall

Even if it detaches from the glass, the WINBOT W1 PRO arrests fall with a safety carabiner and tether that is made of highly elastic and durable rubber.
8-tier All-round Saftey

8-tier All-round Saftey

Safety is our top priotiy.
From an industry-leading anti-slip driving system for smooth movement, to superfast air pressure detection and compensation, floating cleaning cloth plate and power outage protection, we have your safety covered.
A smart and friendly robot that can be remotely controlled from anywhere.

A smart and friendly robot that can be remotely controlled from anywhere.

User-friendly App

User-friendly App

You can adjust the settings and control the WINBOT W1 PRO quickly and easily by simply making a few clicks on the ECOVACS App.
Automatic Start

Automatic Start

Once connected to the app, the WINBOT W1 PRO will automatically start cleaning, making it easy and convenient to use.
Vocalizes Real Time Updates

Vocalizes Real Time Updates

WINBOT W1 PRO doesn't need your visual attention as it is able to vocalize its real time updates on top of the visual cues. freeing you up to do other tasks while your windows get a sparkling clean.
Position Memory

Position Memory

Once your windows are sparkling clean, WINBOT W1 PRO will return to where it started.
You can easily stop and start WINBOT W1 PRO and it will continue to finish its cleaning duties.


Akna minimaalne suurus
30 cm x 40 cm
Kohaldatav aken
All flat glass
fast clean, deep clean and spot clean
Intelligentne marsruudi planeerimine
Väljalülitumise kaitse
Automaatne pöördumine tagasi alguspunkti
Puhastamisteekonna mälu
Toitejuhtme pikkus (m)
Turvanööri pikkus (m)
Puhastusvahend (ml)
Puhastuslapi suurus (mm²)
262 x 262
Roboti suurus (mm)(p/l/k)
270 x 270 x 77.5
Roboti kaal (kg)
Mootori tüüp
Brushless motor
Tööaeg ühe laadimisega (min)
60 ± 10
Müratase (dBA)
72 ± 2
Töökiirus (min/m²)
2min 50s ±10s
Roboti nimivõimsus (W)
Roboti tööpinge (V)
Aku tehnilised andmed (tüüp, mAh)
Lithium, 650
Aku pinge (V)
Aku kaal (g)
Puhastuspadjad (komplektid)
Netokaal (kg)
Brutokaal (kg)
Kinkekarbi suurus (mm)(p/l/k)
455 x 114 x 310
Pappkarbi brutokaal (kg)
Pappkarbi suurus (mm)p/l/k)
320 x 125 x 470