Can I Use A Robot Vacuum To Clean Outdoor Patios?


a deebot robot vacuum cleaning the floor near a sofa

Among all the smart cleaning robots for home, robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular items, and they have been a game-changer when it comes to cleaning indoor spaces. Despite its popularity, many people wonder if robotic vacuum cleaners can be used to clean outdoor spaces like patios and decks, since outdoor cleaning is a very difficult task when compared to indoor cleaning. Using an outdoor robot vacuum may also cause potential warranty issues.

In this article, we will discuss how you can safely use a smart vacuum in cleaning outdoor spaces, including patios. We will also recommend the best outdoor robot cleaners, share the best tips for optimizing the usage, and how to choose a robot floor cleaner for outdoor use.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Outdoor Spaces?


The answer is yes. Robot vacuums can handle outdoor spaces like patios and decks when some key precaution practices are in place. They are designed to tackle a variety of surfaces.

While the manuals may tell you otherwise, smart vacuums can be used in cleaning outdoor areas, when the following is concerned. First, if your patio is not lifted and is level with the grass, you will need the smart mapping technology to map out virtual barriers. Smart vacuums nowadays use different technology to detect the environment, for example, some models use bump-and-turn navigation, but this is not ideal for outdoor cleaning as it may still fall into the lawn and get stuck there. Look for models that use lasers to navigate the space and set virtual barriers to prevent this from happening.

On the other hand, make sure you check the weather forecast when letting your robotic vacuum cleaners out on the patio or deck. Robot vacuums are not waterproof, therefore if there is any chance of precipitation, rain, or drizzle, do not proceed with outdoor vacuum cleaning.

Best DEEBOT Robot Vacuums For Outdoor Cleaning


The following are three DEEBOT models that are ideal for outdoor cleaning and the reasons why. They are all compatible with ECOVAS HOME app and can use voice control with YIKO Voice Assistant that offers a unique immersive experience.

DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum

deebot t20 omni smart vacuum using edge deep clean feature to clean beside a wall

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI smart vacuum cleaner is the latest all-in-one DEEBOT model with advanced features like automatic mop lifting and hot-water mop washing. With a maximum suction power of 6000Pa1, which is over three times stronger than the average market strength, and an upgraded rubber brush with spiraling blades that effectively agitates and removes dirt and dust. The brand-new spinning, pressurized OZMO Turbo mop with automatic lifting effortlessly cleans all floor surfaces, including outdoor patios and decks. Furthermore, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI is equipped with ECOVAS's TrueMapping technology, which combines LIDAR and dToF sensors for over two times the coverage and four times the precision of LIDAR alone, resulting in a faster, more efficient and thorough cleaning without bumping into furniture.



N10 Plus

The DEEBOT N10 PLUS robot floor cleaner is a top-performing vacuum mop cleaner that offers a comprehensive cleaning experience without breaking the bank. The upgraded 5200mAh battery allows it to clean up to 400m² of space for 300 minutes3 on a single charge and water fill, making it ideal for cleaning large outdoor areas. The E11 antibacterial filter captures 95% of 0.3μm dust and allergens, with an antibacterial rate of more than 99.99%4 due to two antibacterial agents and an activated carbon layer that absorbs unpleasant odors. The specially designed antibacterial dust bag, made of four layers of high-quality materials, is leak-proof and perfect for households with pets. With TrueMapping technology, it can effortlessly navigate around outdoor patios and decks.


deebot x1 omni smart vacuum automatically navigate and clean on hardwood floors

The DEEBOT X1e OMNI-White is DEEBOT's most advanced all-around cleaning system, designed by the award-winning industrial designer JACOB JENSEN DESIGN. It delivers uncompromising superior cleaning performance with a suction power of 5000Pa2 and the OZMO Turbo Rotating Mopping System. The system is powered by the industry's most advanced technologies on obstacle avoidance and mapping: AIVI 3D for obstacle avoidance and upgraded TrueMapping technology for precision in navigation and mapping. The hands-free All-in-One OMNI Station, the leading automatic cleaning system, washes the mop pads after mopping, empties the dustbin, and automatically refills water after cleaning, making it ready for the next mopping session.

X1 OMNI White

Tips For Optimizing Outdoor Robot Vacuum Usage

robot vacuum cleans a concrete floor besides a dog and her owner

When using an outdoor robot vacuum, there are a few considerations homeowners should keep in mind to optimize its usage.

Patio Material:

Robotic vacuum cleaners are built to deal with a range of patio surfaces, including poured and stamped concrete, tile, brick, and pavers. When dealing with astroturf, make sure it does not exceed the robot's height limit, and it should be trimmed to the appropriate height for optimal performance.

Patio Coverage:

Since automatic vacuums are not resistant to water, a partially covered or covered outdoor space such as a verandah or pergola are more friendly for automatic vacuums, reducing the exposure to rain, wind and sun. It is also a good idea to avoid using it on extreme hot days. Automatic vacuum cleaners work fine on wet surfaces, and for peak performance, remove obvious obstacles such as small rocks on the floor.


It is generally recommended to run a robotic vacuum cleaner on a dry, cool day as opposed to a rainy or extremely hot day to avoid potential damage or decreased performance.


While a flat surface is ideal for top functioning, when dealing with uneven terrain, it is important to note the automatic vacuum’s ability to navigate slopes and bumps, especially when the patio is flush with grass. Auto vacuums that use lasers for mapping can navigate better in rough ground than those using bump-and-turn navigation, and setting virtual boundaries can avoid potential issues such as getting stuck.

Debris Type:

Outdoor patios are more likely to accumulate debris than indoor spaces, therefore to ensure the outdoor robot vacuums perform well, removing large pieces of obstacles including rocks and twigs that may damage the cleaning system of smart vacuum cleaners and decrease their lifespan is a must.

Docking Station Location:

The docking station charges the robotic vacuums, and some advanced models even automatically clean and empty the dustbins. It is highly recommended to place the docking station indoors instead of outdoors to prevent exposure to bad weather conditions that can cause damage or decrease its lifespan. Only place the automatic vacuum cleaners outdoors when in use for maximum performance and longevity.

How To Choose An Outdoor Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum cleans a tiles floor

Weather Resistance:

If you’re planning to use an outdoor robot vacuum, find one that is made of durable material that can withstand potential weather conditions. Look for waterproof or water-resistant materials, as well as shock-resistant features in case of accidental falls or impacts.

Suction Power:

Outdoor patios and decks are more likely to have large scraps such as leaves, rocks and twigs, and they can easily get stuck between certain floor types like pavers. Smart vacuums with strong suction power can clean and pick up large debris in this case, while their ability to navigate around also matters. Advanced models can even identify the obstacle and determine whether they can clean it up or avoid them.

Boundary Setting:

When considering automatic vacuums for outdoor patios, it is important to keep in mind other surfaces surrounding the area, such as lawn. Some auto vacuums offer virtual boundary setting, for instance, all DEEBOTs are compatible with the ECOVACS HOME app, allowing the user to define specific areas to avoid, including grass, flower beds, and more.


deebot recognizes virtual barriers set via the ECOVAS Home app.

Navigation Technology:

The navigation technology is also not to be overlooked, especially in outdoor environments where there is patio furniture, large obstructions such as BBQ or grill fork and drop detectors. Some robotic vacuums use bump-and-turn navigation which may not be ideal as it may cause damage to the furniture, and it may result in missing spots and corners. On the other hand, advanced robot floor cleaners with laser mapping can navigate the surroundings without causing damage.

Dust Collection Capacity:

As outdoor patios tend to accumulate more large clutters like leaves and rocks than indoor spaces, it is important to have a self-cleaning vacuum with a large dustbin and dust auto-empty feature to handle them. This feature allows the device to collect and dispose of junk more efficiently, therefore less emptying work for the owners.


Can robot vacuums handle wet surfaces?

Yes. Robot floor cleaners are built to handle a range of surfaces, including wet surfaces. However, it is worth noting that owners can remove large obstacles on the floor to avoid missing spots. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also less prone to uneven surfaces, therefore setting virtual barriers can be useful to avoid being stuck in grass or accidental falls.

Can you use a robot vacuum on concrete?

Yes, smart vacuum cleaners can be used on concrete patios. Most smart vacuums are designed to handle various types of surfaces, including concrete, hardwood floor, and even carpets. Nonetheless, it is recommended to avoid using robot vacuum cleaners outdoors on extreme hot days and rainy days to prevent damages and decrease lifespan.

How do you use a robot vacuum to clean an outdoor patio?

To use a robot floor cleaner to clean an outdoor patio, start by removing any large clutters from the area that may damage the vacuum. Then set up virtual boundaries on the paired app to prevent the auto vacuum from venturing into unwanted areas. Ensure that the docking station is placed indoors, and the smart vacuum cleaner is fully charged. Next, turn on the robot vacuum and let it clean the patio. Once finished, empty the dustbin and store the self-cleaning vacuum indoors.


  1. 6,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach 6,000Pa.
  2. 5,000Pa: The data is based on testing from the ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T10 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 TURBO and DEEBOT X1 PLUS can reach 5,000Pa.
  3. 300 minutes: The DEEBOT N10 features an upgraded 5,200mAh battery, giving it a maximum runtime of 300 minutes on a single charge while sweeping on silent mode on hard floors.
  4. 99% antibacterial effect on common bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus). Test data from a third-party authoritative laboratory.

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