Robot Vacuum Helps to Clean the Floor Around the Christmas Tree


Knock, Knock! Christmas is waiting in front of your doors. What are your preparations for this special holiday this year? Are you still looking for Christmas gift ideas? Maybe it is time to bring a robotic vacuum home, not singly for the alluring robot vacuum deals. Some of you may be well-informed about how these smart devices save people from daily chores. However, not many of you know that they can be unexpectedly helpful during Christmas.


Proceed with us and see why you should not miss this chance and why a robot vacuum matters for enjoying this holiday. Of course, we would also provide exclusive deals that you can only find in ECOVACS.


Easy Pine Needles Cleaning with Robot Vacuum


For homes with large Christmas trees, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a must-have. We know one of the greatest house cleaning challenges during Christmas is to collecting pine needles falling from Christmas trees. In most cases, the needle-shaped leaves scatter all around the floor, hide in carpets and dead corners, and tangle with pet furs and hairs. If we leave them alone, they will become a headache that constantly bothers us in the subsequent year.


A robot vacuum deals with pine needles easily. First and foremost, they rely on suction power to collect lightweight trash like pine needles. They use a constant airstream to suck the pine needles to the in-built container. Besides, robotic vacuums are equipped with moving brushes that can push pine needles to the center, which is an additional advantage over standard uprights or canister vacuums. Moreover, robotic vacuums are generally tiny and short so that they can go to the dead corners under your bed and sofa.


Currently, our DEEBOT series of products are universally trusted by consumers in the market. Powered by strong suction power, they can both deal with hard floors and pine needles stuck in the carpets. These features make them stand out for householders who need to clean their rooms more frequently during the holiday.


DEEBOT: Why it is One of the Best Christmas Gifts This Year


Robotic cleaners are already popular items on Christmas gift lists. These diligent help hands in house cleaning will amaze you if you realize how they make great Christmas gifts. Our DEEBOT fans have already waited for our final Christmas robot vacuum deals for a long time.


Robot vacuums can release you from the burden of house cleaning after Christmas. Robot cleaners are smart devices designed for majorly cleaning floors. They have more applications than just collecting pine needles. Today, we have vacuum cleaners that can vacuum and mop in one go. This feature can further help you clean up stains left by drinks spilled on the floor. What’s more, they can perform the task automatically once properly set. Nowadays, most of the robotic vacuums in the market allow for remote control. You can control them through your mobile phones or simply give a voice command. For instance, our DEEBOT X1 OMNI  is supported by AI voice assistance YIKO.


A robot vacuum robot can benefit you in unexpected ways. Some of them are even programmed to navigate through your house, recognize different kinds of floors, and design different cleaning modes accordingly. For instance, our DEEBOT series, powered by TrueMapping technology and advanced sensors, can scan the layout of different rooms and generate a virtual 3D room map. This data will be sent back to your mobile phone and is accessible through your account. 


A robot vacuum can be a reward for your hard work, as well as a thoughtful gift that can light up the holiday of your beloved family and friends. They are practical tools, as well as stylish decorations for your modern homes. They are popular among those who are willing to embrace the changes brought by technology. They are also welcomed by homes with old people. Once they are set up properly, they can take good care of both house cleaning, and your family.


Christmas Robot Vacuum Deals


The Christmas deals are finally here. It is time to check our robot vacuum deals and make your decisions. Of course, we have also taken full consideration of your budget plans.


1. $550 off on DEEBOT X1 OMNI 




  • Original price: $1,549.99
  • Christmas deal: $999.99
  • Free gifts: Complimentary dust bag * 3 pcs + black air filter * 2 pairs + black side brushes * 2 pairs

(Free gifts are adjusted according to the actual stock availability)


2. $350 off on DEEBOT T10 PLUS



  • Original price: $949.99
  • Christmas deal: $599.99
  • Free gifts: Cucumber & Oak Air Fresheners * 3pcs and Disposable Mopping Pad * 25pcs

(Free gifts are adjusted according to the actual stock availability)


3. $350 off on DEEBOT X1 PLUS



  • Original price: $1,149.99
  • Christmas deal: $799.99
  • Free gifts: Disposable mopping pad * 25 pcs and Cucumber & Oak Air Fresheners * 3 pcs

(Free gifts are adjusted according to the actual stock availability)


4. $300 off on DEEBOT N8+  




  • Original price: $649.99
  • Christmas deal: $349.99
  • Exclusive offer: Use code ECOVACS5 for an extra 5% off


Be sure to check our official websites for the latest deals. We have offered extra rewards for new accounts and exclusive coupons for 5% off on some types. Our members can also double the membership points bonus for purchases of certain products during this period. These are just a few of our modest efforts to make sure you have a merry Christmas. You can visit our official website for more surprises.




Christmas is coming near and our robot vacuum deals are waiting. If you want a clean and tidy home during Christmas, this is perhaps the best time for you to bring a robotic vacuum home. Our DEEBOT series of products are highly valued for their high intelligence and extraordinary performance in house cleaning. This time, they will not let go of a single pine needle. This year, sweeping the floor after Christmas will no longer become a headache.


Just enjoy your holiday while entrusting the chores to our DEEBOT series. By the way, don’t forget to share them with your friends. Check our DEEBOT line of products now. Don’t miss the Christmas deals.

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