Our Shopping Guide To The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners


a couple doing their own things while deebot robot vacuum cleaning at the kitchen

From smart speakers to smart TVs, smart home gadgets are all the rage these days. Among them, smart robot vacuums have quickly stood out as household favorites. Imagine this: a slim and compact cleaning robot buzzing around, sucking up dirt without you lifting a finger. Yes, you don’t need to even be there - everything is under control through the app! That's exactly what these robot vacuums do, cleaning from room to room, using advanced sensors to dodge furniture and tackle stubborn dirt and debris on their own. They're a significant upgrade from the old-school upright vacuums, saving you time from the chore list and improving the quality of the living environment simultaneously.

Why Buy A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you have a busy schedule or are simply seeking a smarter way to clean, investing in an automatic robot vacuum to maintain a pristine home while you focus on what truly matters. Not only it saves you time from pushing the vacuum around, but it also spares you from bending over, trying to reach those tricky corners, as its compact design that fits under most furniture. You also don’t need to worry about damage while it navigates, thanks to its advanced obstacle detection sensors and AI-based mapping. Set a schedule, and it will clean regularly on its own. Plus, models like ECOVACS’ DEEBOT X2 OMNI offers excellent mopping that picks up fine dust and reduces allergens in one go. It's a no-brainer for an effortlessly tidy home and more free time to do your thing.

Best DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaners


deebot x2 omni mopping in living room

DEEBOT X2 OMNI, the industry-leading robot vacuum, boasts powerful features. Its sleek, square design makes it a pro at hugging edges and slipping under furniture. With 8,000 Pa suction 1 and an advanced airflow system, this smart robot vacuum tackles debris without disturbing the serene quiet of your home. Pet owners will be delighted with the pet-friendly mode, ensuring furry friends stay calm. Navigating with precision, thanks to 3D Mapping 2.0 and AIVI 3D 2.0 technology, and with the aid of the new AINA deep learning and reinforcement learning model, the DEEBOT X2 OMNI handles complex scenarioswith strategic recognition and obstacle avoidance. This flagship model promises a spotless clean every time.



deebot t20 omni auto-lift mopping on carpet

DEEBOT T20 OMNI is your all-in-one floor caretaker. Transitioning across various floor types, the robot vacuum is engineered to protect your delicate carpets and rugs. When it detects carpeted areas, the auto-lifting mopping function promptly lifts mop heads to prevent moisture damage, all while keeping noise to a minimum. The 6,000 Pa suction strength 2 is coupled with the OZMO mopping system; when paired with advanced TrueMapping 2.0 navigation and TrueDetect 3D technology, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI ensures a thorough deep clean without missing spots and performs well even in low-light conditions. Its multifunctional OMNI Station keeps the automated robot vacuum ready for the next cleaning session at all times. And if you’re not into apps, just chat it up with YIKO voice assistant – it accurately locates and responds to simple voice commands.



deebot x1 omni cleaning in living room

Designed by JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI stands out as one of the best in the DEEBOT robot vacuum lineup, offering elegance alongside functionality. This isn't just any robot vacuum; equipped with AI-based AIVI 3D and astrophotography-grade cameras, it avoids obstacles and recognizes humans with ease, while the TrueMapping 2.0 technology maps out your place in precision, so it never misses a spot.

And get this: it vacuums and mops with a strong 5,000Pa suction 3 coupled with OZMO mopping system. The best part? Its OMNI Station not only cleans itself but also manages its dustbin and water tank, offloading the dirty work from you. This smart robot vacuum combines powerful cleaning, advanced technology, and hands-free maintenance, complete with YIKO Voice Assistant for easy control.


Best Robot Vacuum For Large Houses

deebot scanning large room

Tired of cleaning your large house? Consider a robot vacuum to make life easier. These smart devices can handle various floor type, from hardwood floor to carpets. They're smart too— from navigating in the dark to dodging furniture. With an extended battery life, they cover more ground in one go. The automatic docking and recharging enable the smart robot vacuum to continuously clean without you lifting a finger.

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Best Robot Vacuum For Small Apartments

deebot n8 pro smart vacuum using truedetect 3d technology to detect a pile of toys on the living room floor

Got a cozy apartment? An automatic robot vacuum is your perfect cleaning buddy. These compact robot vacuums tuck away easily, ready to action on your schedule. They slide under furniturewith ease, keeping every nook dust-free while you're out enjoying life. Plus, you can set them on quiet mode, so your neighbors won't even know it's running. These robots aren't just about clean floors—they're about cleaner air, capturing tiny dust particles that can trigger allergies.

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Best Robot Vacuum For Self-emptying

deebot auto clean

Looking for a complete hands-free cleaning experience? With a dock that doubles as a dirt disposal, you can leave a self-emptying robot vacuum running on its own for months, which is ideal for the on-the-go parent or the work-from-home pro. Allergy sufferers will breathe easier; with high-efficiency filters, robot vacuums trap pollutants from releasing back to the air. Plus, it's ready to roll regularly, keeping your home spotless without the constant emptying hassle.

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Top-rated Robot Vacuum With Quiet Settings

deebot scanning woman walking

Perfect for households with thin shared walls, young children and pet owners, smart robot vacuums with quiet settings clean without causing disturbance. Night owls and early birds alike can schedule cleanings without losing sleep to loud noises. For those working from home, you can relax by knowing your conference calls and deep focus will not be interrupted during cleaning sessions.

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Top-rated Robot Vacuum For Carpets & Rugs

ecovacs deebot t8 robotic vacuum cleaner using true mapping technology to map and navigate a living space efficiently

Carpets and rugs are often more delicate than other floor surfaces, requiring special caring. Ideal for homes with different floor materials, automated robot vacuums designed for carpets come equipped with strong suction power to delve deep into fibers and remove dirt and allergens. With advanced sensors, these robot vacuums recognize various floor materials and adjust their power accordingly to match. Some models, featuring auto-lift mopping, even raise their mop heads when operating on carpets to prevent over-wetting and damage.

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Top-rated Robot Vacuum With HEPA Filter

dog sitting next to debbot robot vacuum in the bedroom

If you or your loved one suffer from allergies, you might have already heard of HEPA filter. Robot vacuums with a HEPA filter, or high-efficiency filters are designed to trap the tiny particles that trigger allergies and respiratory issues, like pollen, pet hair, and dust mites. For pet owners, it means less hair and dander on your floors and less sneezing. Generally speaking, automatic robot vacuums with high-efficient filtering system help build a fresher living environment with fewer irritants in the air. Ready for a cleaner, healthier living space?

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Best Robot Vacuum For Allergies

deebot cats

Struggling with allergies? An automated robot vacuum could be your ally against dust and pollen. It works on a preset schedule, cleaning up allergens from your floors without human intervention. Equipped with high-efficient filters, these vacuums don’t just suck up dirt; they trap microscopic particles that aggravate allergies. This constant cleaning ability means cleaner floors and fresher air, giving you a home where you can breathe easy and feel more at ease.

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Best Robot Vacuum To Avoid Poop

dog and two cats watching an ecovacs deebot smart vacuum sweep up pet fur

Dealing with pet accidents? A robot vacuum can navigate around dog poop and other messes without causing even more messes, thanks to advanced sensors and AI technology. ECOVACS' DEEBOT, for instance, use AIVI 3D and RGB cameras to identify and avoid unexpected obstacles. Besides, these smart robot vacuums create precise maps of your home that can be controlled via app, allowing you to set no-go zones remotely, even in the dark.

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Best Robot Vacuum With LiDAR

ecovacs deebot n8 using truemapping software to plot out the layout of a living room

Originating from aerospace for precision measurements, LiDAR technology help creates detailed 3D mapsof your home, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean every time. Unlike other models, a LiDAR-equipped vacuum avoids obstacles and missed spots, even detecting small objects like toys and cords. Regardless of the lighting condition, LiDAR vacuums navigate your home with ease, offering a spotless cleanwith minimal intervention.

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Top-rated Robot Vacuum With Mapping

deebot scanning men relaxing

Upgrade to a robot vacuum with advanced mapping for a smarter, more efficient clean. These automated robot vacuums use similar high-tech navigation technology to self-driving cars, ensuring every corner is covered without bumping into furniture or missing a spot.

Mapping technology allows the vacuum to pause, return and recharge, then resume cleaning exactly where it left off. Spill something? Just tap your phone to direct your vacuum to the mess. Plus, with virtual boundaries and zone cleaning, you control where and how it cleans, protecting delicate items and saving time and battery life.

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What are the advantages of robot vacuum with mops?

Robot vacuum and mop combos offer the combined convenience in floor cleaning, tackling two chores in one go. Not only it saves time, but it also reduces the physical demand of these chores and ensures a thorough, spotless finish on various floor types. Learn more about the pros and cons of having a smart robot vacuum and mop as your cleaning partner.

What are the main features of robot vacuum?

The key features of robot vacuums are autonomous mapping and obstacle detection, customizable cleaning demands, programmable schedules, various cleaning modes, and self-emptying. They are usually compatible to an app for remote control, smart home integration, and some have mopping capabilities. High-end models boast advanced mapping, voice assistant, and self-emptying dustbins for extra convenience.

Are robot vacuum worth it?

For busy individuals, pet owners, individuals with mobility issues, or those simply looking for a smarter way to clean, automatic robot vacuums are worth the investment. They automate the cleaning process, saving you time and effort to focus on what truly matters. With advancements in technology and features like HEPA filters, they go beyond maintaining a clean floor to offering a fresher, better living environment.

Do cheap robot vacuum worth it?

Cheap robot vacuums can perform basic cleaning, especially in smaller, less cluttered spaces. However, they may lack advanced features such as smart navigation, powerful suction, and long battery life, which are found in higher-end models. This could result in extra time and effort in managing and maintaining the automated robot vacuum, contradicting the purpose for which robot vacuums are designed.

Are robot vacuum better than traditional vacuum?

Robot vacuums offer convenience with automated, hands-free cleaning and can maintain cleanliness with regular, scheduled runs. While they excel in consistent upkeep, traditional vacuums may be better for deep cleans and targeted tasks, offering stronger suction and manual control to tackle tough messes and various surfaces.


  1. 8,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT X2 OMNI can reach 8,000Pa.
  2. 6,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach 6,000Pa.
  3. 5,000Pa: The data is based on testing from the ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T10 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 TURBO and DEEBOT X1 PLUS can reach 5,000Pa.

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