Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum: Is It Worth It To Get One?


We all desire to have someone else handle the household tasks. That’s why robot vacuums are popular. The world’s first commercially available autonomous vacuum cleaner was released in 2001. Two decades later, robot vacuum has advanced significantly over time to become a cutting-edge cleaner of floors with a variety of intelligent functions. Facing these powerful functions, a plenty of people don’t know what kind of robot vacuum they should purchase. Here we are going to discuss whether getting an self emptying robot vacuum is worthwhile.


auto empty robot vacuum 


How often have you attempted to empty the dustbin from your robot vacuum only to discover that your hands were covered in the dust and debris that the machine had gathered from your house? An auto-empty robot vacuum can save you from the chores.


How does a self-emptying robot vacuum work?


An internal storage system, often a small dustbin, is where a robot vacuum collects debris and dust while cleaning. You might need to empty the trash can every two or three cleaning cycles, depending on the size of your house and how dirty the floor is.

A self-emptying system offers a dock for the robot vacuum to rest in. It connects the robot to a series of vacuums that remove dirt and debris from the dustbin and place it in a much larger storage bin while also charging the machine. You can regard it as the vacuum cleaner's bag. Instead of every two or three days, you just dump the base station every 30 or 60 days.


Why is a robot vacuum with the auto-empty feature better?


A robot vacuum's convenience lies in the fact that it cleans for you. The less intervention required, the better. Think about a busy mother juggling children, employment, and several household responsibilities. She must pause in the midst of everything to empty the vacuum so the robot vacuum can continue its work. An auto-empty robot vacuum can help a lot under such circumstances.


robotic vacuum cleaners help busy mothers clean

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An auto-empty system also allows the robot vacuum to be utilized more frequently. If you must empty the dustbin throughout the day, you may be reluctant to use the vacuum more than required. However, if it empties itself, you can run it more frequently and maintain a cleaner home.


ECOVACS DEEBOT provides various functions, including auto-clean, auto-water refill, auto-empty, obstacle avoidance, precision mapping and navigation, Al voice assistance. With our professional robot vacuum you can live a more convenient life. Taking ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 as an example, it has the following benefits:


1. Scheduled cleaning


If the vacuum needs to be emptied multiple times per run, it is impractical to use a cleaning schedule. You must be there when the vacuum is running. With the auto-empty option, you won’t have to empty it multiple times per run. Even those with larger houses can set their vacuum cleaner to run and enjoy their time.


A strong suction force of up to 21 kPa allows the DEEBOT dustbin to be automatically emptied in about 10 seconds. The huge 3L disposable dust bag can keep debris and grime for months. You can set the DEEBOT to clean the house regularly even when you are on a trip.


2. Low Profile Vacuum under furniture and tough-to-reach spots


We all have a sofa, bed and other huge furniture in our house. It’s hard to clean the dust underneath furniture. Removing the mattress or sofa is a good choice for a better cleaning. But that isn’t always possible.


A vacuum robot can easily clean under a bed and other tough-to-reach spots. Compared with traditional vacuum, vacuum robot can finish the clean without the hassle of lugging a vacuum out of a hall closet and bending down for a long time. Normally, it a good choice to let your vacuum robot vacuum under your bed once every two weeks or twice a month.


robot vacuum white under modern low profile tv stand 


3. Double-duty as a mop


Except for vacuuming, ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 provides the mopping service. With up to 180 rotations per minute, its specialized OZMO(TM) Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System is more effective at removing tough stains and debris from floors.


OZMO(TM) Turbo 2.0 rotating mopping system


It automatically washes the mop pads after mopping without the need for frequent disassembling and washing. After cleaning, the heating device can rapidly dry the clean mopping pads to prevent bacteria and odor. It automatically refills water after it cleans itself so it's ready for the next mopping session.


4. Cleaning pet hair


One of the main justifications for buying a robot vacuum is the presence of our lovely furry family members. They are cute but they are always shedding in the home. You may discover pet hair everywhere. Some pets, like dogs and cats, enjoy hanging out under furniture and create a bit of a mess underneath.


The auto-empty robot vacuum is especially handy for households with pets. Regular vacuuming reduces the amount of dander and pet hair and prevents them from being embedded in the carpet.




Circling back to our original question, is it worthwhile to get an auto-empty robot vacuum right now? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes, especially for people who own pets or live in large houses. If you have the budget, you should try one and then you’ll find it’s really convenient.